Tips Tuesday and Write Post Titles that Get Clicks

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! Do you think you can sell a product before it’s ever advertised? That’s exactly what’s happening on BlogAid. I finally had a minute to actually add the new class on the WordPress Training page. It’s Scratch to Published for Advanced Site Owners and offers in-depth content, SEO, and conversion analysis. July is getting booked solid with clients who want it.

And, there’s another new class I haven’t announced yet that is already selling too. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you’ll be the first to know when I make it publicly available. (Hint: If you help clients with their sites, you’ll want in on this!)


Blog post titles can make or break your click rate. Here are super duper tips of real titles from ProBlogger that get click love. And the best part, Georgina tells you why and how she and Darren tweaked them into brilliance.


Do you use the NextGen plugin or Photocrati themes? They got married.

WP Security Lock is a site you should consider following. Regina spends a lot of time researching plugin and theme vulnerabilities too.

Have you thought about adding a forum to your site? Then you will want to check out this post by Kevin Mulddon WP Mods titled bbPress – One Year On. He also calls out other forum plugins and why each may be a good fit for different types of sites, plus what you’ll need to consider with adding a forum.

WordPress Plugins

Some of the links below are to the plugin developer’s page, but you can find most if not all of these plugins in the WordPress plugins repository.

Recently Updated
The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast was updated last week. It’s working fine and has several new features. But, there have been a few complaints, including by me, that it puts too many new columns in the post/page admin list that report status of those new features. Too much clutter for me. You can rmove them, or any other column of info you don’t want to see, by unchecking the box for that column in the Screen Options tab. It’s just below the log out link in the upper right on every admin page. (If you want to learn more neat tricks like that, see the Dashboard tour video.)

Jetpack has recently been updated. If you came from a site to, you likely kept this plugin. But, honestly, there are better individual plugins for the one or two things you may be using it for. Consider switching.

The Exploit Scanner plugin scans all the critical areas of your WordPress installation looking for the tell-tale signs of a hacker attack. I’ve heard mixed reviews about its effectiveness. I’ve heard better reviews about Sucuri. Do you use either?

The Contextual Related Posts plugin chooses links to related posts based on the current posts content. I can see the attraction to use something automated like this, but for quality, and because posts on ever-changing technology needs to remain fresh, I use Microkid’s Related Post plugin so I can hand-pick the posts I want to display. Do you use a plugin like this? If so, which one and why?

Plugins to Check Out
I just got the Pocket app for my iPad (formerly the Rad it Later app) and I love it. Now there’s a plugin that will allow you to include a Pocket link on your posts. You can bet I’m going to give this a try.

Blog Tips

Do you wonder what a nofollow link is? Well, Amanda Dislvestro tells you that and Why Nofollow Links Can Still Add Benefit on Higher Visibility.

We all go through this. Here’s Fabienne telling you How to Get Out of Your Marketing Rut.

On Pushing Social, Stanford has issued a challenge with this post on The Difference Between Simply Writing a Blog and Making A Difference. It really may be the best way to help your clients see how they can benefit from what you offer.

SEO Tips

Looking for some SEO power tools? The nice folks at Outspoken Media took great notes at the recent SMX Advanced 2012 conference.

And here’s a super list of SEO tools both free and premium from the nice folks at SEO Book.

Pat Marcello is pretty ticked off at Google right now. The Penguin gob smacked his site, cutting traffic in half. The sad part is, he has not participated in any black hat SEO. It looks like it may be links from one spammy/scammy sites that is the culprit and he’s doing everything possible to get those links un-indexed. You can read his two posts here and here.

Okay, so maybe Penguin didn’t hit your site. Good for you. But, if you’re bent on growing your site and traffic, things like this are stories you want to pay attention to. SEO analytics and finding out who is linking to your site are just not things you can ignore any more.

And think we’re past Panda? Think again. Google did a fresh rollout of the Panda algorithm yesterday (June 25th).

Marketing Tips

A few words from Jon Morrow of CopyBlogger on The Truth About Making Money While You Sleep.  And, yes, he’s The Dude on this topic.

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