Tips Tuesday – WordPress 3.7, Connect YouTube, Plugin for Development Teams, Hummingbird, and StudioPress Community

tips-tues-200Hello Happy Site Owners! This week’s tips include what’s coming in WordPress 3.7, a new plugin that may be a must for developers, Pinterest steps up its code tags, Google’s Hummingbird update, 301 redirect myths busted, how to play SEO like the stock market, help with the new YouTube to Google Account connection, how to make great Calls to Action, a super post on owned, earned, and paid media, what’s happening in the StudioPress Community, and for dessert, a super post to keep you going. So let’s dive in. Listen to the podcast.

WordPress Tips

The WordPress 3.7 Beta is available for testing. I had reported in several previous Tips Tuesday that these next two updates were in production simultaneously and 3.7 would be coming out very quickly.

The biggest feature for 3.7 is automatic updates, and not just for WordPress. There are hooks for auto updates for themes and plugins too.

Don’t worry. It’s elective. And even when it is on, it will only be for minor updates, like 3.6.1. Not for major updates to a whole other version, like 3.7. I don’t know about you, but on my sites, that checkbox will be turned off.

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Torque reports that Automattic has acquired CloudUp. It basically has a couple of notable features. One is to have multiple folks editing a post at the same time. Wait, I’m confused. Wasn’t locking multiple folks out of editing simultaneously a feature in the last upgrade? Okay, somebody’s going to have to make this make sense to me.


WP Project Manager is a sweet little plugin I’m giving a whirl due to Dave Clement’s review of it. I’m working on bigger projects these days too and collaborating with designers and SEO copywriters and this lets us keep a Basecamp type thread going right on the site. It has email notifications too. I’m actually testing this out in the sandbox version of my own site redesign first. So, I’ll follow up with a report as we go through it.

SEO Tips

Pinterest has new article pins that use Open Graph and schema markup. That’s a pretty big deal. Open Graph was invented by Facebook to ensure that it picks up the right image, title, and excerpt from a post. Schema puts a few extra identifying tags into the mix and Google gobbles that stuff up like candy.

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What Google’s Hummingbird Update Really Means is a post by +David Amerland on Social Media Today that explains the final result of Google’s recent algorithm change. What he doesn’t explain is what you need to do on your site to take advantage of it.

Basically, Google is now able to compare two different things, or bring up more meaningful related info. The question is, how does Google understand those stats or related info?

It does be indexing custom microdata on your site, also known as schema markup. For instance, with microdata, I can tell Google that MaAnna Stephenson is a person. From that, Google knows that a person has certain other information attached, like a location, or a website. It relates the information in a better way.

If you’re using authorship, then you are already using a little bit of schema to relate you to the content you write.

Hummingbird relates this sort of info across multiple things, from multiple sources. You can read David’s post for good examples. And read my microdata series of posts to see what needs to happen on your site to make your info come up better in semantic search.

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301 Redirects vs. Canonical Attribute: When to Use Each Approach is an excellent post on the topic by one of my fave bloggers, Amanda DiSilvestro and you’ll find it on the Higher Visibility blog. She details which to use when and the SEO impact of each.

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There’s a new video by Glen over on ViperChill with 80% of his first ever webinar. So, the first of it is a little rough, well, the whole thing is, but cut him some slack and just keep watching. It’s titled The Most Profitable Year of my Life.

Now, there’s something you need to know about Glen. He plays SEO like a day trader on the stock market. So, if you use any of the tips he talks about, just know that you have to keep up with SEO like he does, and you always run the risk of getting popped by a Google penalty somewhere down the road.

I’m not saying what he’s doing is black hat. I wouldn’t even tell you about somebody doing that. I’m saying that he games the system to the limit every day. It’s very much like making a risky investment. You could have a big payday, or you could lose everything. So, this is not for everybody, but I know a few of you will modify these tips into more productive SEO for your sites, including your podcasts.

YouTube Tips

Here’s how to Connect Google Account to YouTube. Great post on the new Plus Your Business site.

Marketing Tips

There’s a nice guest post on the Yoast blog titled Calling to the Next Action. It’s about de-cluttering and being clear about what you want folks to do on your site. You don’t have because you don’t ask, or what you ask is buried. Go check that post and the screenshots and then compare them to the Calls to Action on your own site.

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What is Owned, Earned, and Paid Media is a most excellent post by Anita Campbell on the Small Biz Trends blog. She definitely busts myths, especially about the role of paid media, so be sure to check that out.

Theme Tips

Y’all know how sold I am on Genesis. It’s not just the themes, it’s the community. I’m tickled pink that Brian Gardner is showcasing links from the community. Here’s the most recent roundup.

It includes:

– Customizing the Genesis 2.0 HTML5 Comment Form
– How To: Add a Logo to a Genesis Theme
– How to change Content Schema on a Genesis Child Theme’s Home Page
– and more

Even if you’re not a designer, it’s a super resource for understanding the full power of what a Genesis theme can do.


Michelle Dale has a post that every entrepreneur should read. No kidding. It’s titled Fast Acting Answers (with Action Steps) for When You’re Ready to Quit.

We’ve all been there. If you haven’t, then you haven’t been in business long enough.

Michelle’s not about fluff. She addresses real issues head on, and will give you action steps to take to help you keep going.

Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for this week’s Tips Tuesday podcast. Please feel free to share this post and podcast with your friends.

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