Tips Tuesday with Two New Tips Sections

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! This week’s tip sheet debuts two new sections including WordPress Plugins and a section on SEO tips. I know you’ll find them a great addition.

Plus, I want to give you a sneak peek at BlogAid’s Cyber Monday special on WordPress Training. It’s perfect for folks who are new to site ownership, folks who’ve already got a site they don’t know how to use, and folks who are ready to revamp their site for success.

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One of my fave super bloggers is Kristi Hines and she has a very helpful 3-part series on keyword research. If you’ve been meaning to dig into this important aspect of SEO, this is a great place to start. Here are the links to get you going.

Keyword Research Part 1 | Keyword Research Part 2 | Keyword Research Part 3

WordPress Plugins

Recently Updated Plugins
BackupBuddy and Fast and Secure Contact Form have both been recently updated. If you use them, be sure to login to your WordPress site and click the Updates link. If you have multiple updates available, you may want to run the update on the backup plugin first, do a fresh backup, then run the other updates.

Need a little help with selecting a backup strategy? Download this free report – How to Backup Your WordPress Site.

BlogAid also has a video tutorial Short Course on contact forms that includes how to setup the Fast and Secure Contact Form.

The Slick Social Share plugin has been updated. It floats your social media icons down the side edge of your site.

The JetPack plugin has recently been updated. It’s an all-in-one type plugin that brings the functionality users have always enjoyed. However, I still find that individual plugins for most of these functions work better. And, they claim to have fixed the plugin upgrade problem that previously broke some sites. Jetpack offers some good features, but I’m not willing to trade convenience for function just yet.

Plugins to check out
You have to be careful with free WordPress themes. Some are free because they come with malicious code tucked away inside so hackers can use your host connection for their own purposes. The Theme Authentication Checker plugin will check your theme for malicious and/or suspicious code so you can remove it.

Ever wanted to control the type of columns you see in your post or page list admin area? I sure have, so I’m going to try this new plugin cited on WPMods for a Post Type Column Editor.

When blog comments are all in a stream, it’s hard to distinguish replies from the author. The Highlight Comments plugin differentiates the blog author’s comments in the stream.

Blog Tips

Self discipline is something that has helped me become successful in all my endeavors. Molly has a nice guest post on Liz Strauss’ blog about Three Ways to Build Self Discipline. It’s the first in a three-part series.

This post by John on his Duct Tape Marketing blog is incredibly short considering how power-packed it is. You’ll want to read 7 Steps to Sure Fire Marketing Success with care as you consider how you can employ each suggestion to your own marketing efforts.

Pay special attention to the first paragragh of the first step. Like John, I see a lot of site owners use a try-this-and-that strategy with little success because they lack clarity on what they want to achieve and who they are trying to reach with that message.

A virtual book tour can help you create a successful launch by exposing your new book to a wide audience. I know. I’ve done one and it really works. Author and consultant, Dana Lynn Smith has a new book titled Virtual Book Tour Magic that is a must-read for authors who want to do a virtual tour. I’ve known Dana for years and she consistently produces the highest quality help you can find. My standing suggestion to authors is that if Dana creates it, you get it.


SEO You’ve heard the term “outbound marketing”and “inbound marketing” and the terms “content marketing” and “social media marketing” but do you really know what they mean and how they are changing? Here’s a good post on Webfadds titled Three Inbound Marketing Trends for Content Marketers that will help you get a grip.

And here’s another post on Webfadds for 6 Emerging SEO Tactics for Content Marketers that’s far from the same old same old when it comes to SEO. Things are changing fast and you’ve got to stay educated to keep up. This post has three videos and bunches of links that you’ll find helpful too.

Some causes of high bounce rate are the very things marketing folks say you should do. This Bounce Rate post on Kissmetrics will help you sort out the good advice from the bad.

Social Media Tips

My G+ flip flop. I got a personal account on G+ as soon as I could, and had some fun meeting new folks there, but decided to hang back a bit until G+ biz pages became available. As soon as they did, I jumped on it. However, I can’t access it via my iPad, which is what I use exclusively for social media because I can check it on my breaks no matter where I am. So, I’m keeping my biz page, but asking folks to follow me on my personal account until Google figures out that tablets and smartphones really are taking over as the primary view port for the web. You can find me here

The Blog Herald reports that the LinkedIn User Base Grew by 60% in 2011. All of the Facebook changes since the summer have made us jump through too many hoops and the latest changes this fall stopped my biz page growth cold. Let’s face it, time is precious and ROI counts. I have valuable connections on Facebook, but I also need my biz to grow, so I’ve turned to LinkedIn and enjoyed instant results. Shortly thereafter I requested a private consultation with Angelique of AFMarCom, who is one of my Facebook buddies, and she showed me more than the basics on LinkedIn and is helping me feel confident with LinkedIn’s clunky interface.

Are you ready to get busy on LinkedIn? Big thank you to Denise Wakeman whose LinkedIn Tips – 8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog quick video got me going on LinkedIn again with spectacular results.

Come chat with me on LinkedIn!

Mari Smith has a nice post with ideas that work on 7 Ways to Craft Facebook Posts for Maximum Shares.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend and travel safe!

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