Tips Tuesday with G+, Sidebars, MailChimp and More

Tips TuesdayOf course, the big news all over the Internet is the buzz on Google+ (pardon the pun to the forerunner). My last Tips Tuesday post got preempted for a how-to, why-to post on G+. But, I’ve made up for it this week with a little Fockers post of tips, you know, double dose.

And, I’ve found a cornucopia of more helpful G+ tips in the past week. You’ll find them at the end of the Social Media Tips section below.

Tech Tips

Looking for an e-commerce plugin for WordPress? This nice list on Mashable should help get you started.

This is a great post from One Extra Pixel that tells you nearly everything you need to know about website sidebars including content, design and examples. Couldn’t have written it any better myself.

I have to admit, this post from Tanya Smith sent a chill down my spine. She tells how she, and other folks, suddenly found one of their accounts shut down, and then how they recovered. She temporarily lost her MailChimp account and what she did to get it back is a lesson for all of us in how to do it.

If you’re a local business, I hope you’re using Google Places and/or Google Maps. And, if you are, I hope the temporary disappearance of them didn’t scare you too much. Here’s what happened and how it got fixed.

Is it time to get rid of trackbacks and pingbacks? That’s what Kevin Muldoon asked on WPMods. And, I’m sorry to say that he might be right.

Blog Tips

What do your call-to-action items look like on your site? Aaron Bradley has a very nice post on Search Engine Land about the Anatomy of a Compelling Call to Action Button.

Quality content is why folks come to, and remain loyal to your blog. Kipp Bodnar has 9 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Content on the Hubspot blog.

Kristi Hines (owner of knows a thing or two about guest posting. She’s been featured on several of the top blogs. So, when puts up a post on 5 Steps to Submitting a Guest post and Getting it Published, you can bet it’s worth reading.

I’m really sorry to see this go. The Google Wonder Wheel was a good idea resource and had a layout that folks could easily understand and use. Yeah, I know, the Google Adwords Tool is tops for keyword research. But I miss something that’s easy to read and gives you good mind-mapping ideas.

Social Media Tips

The other big Internet news this past week was Facebook’s announcement to offer Skype calls. Here’s your Getting Started Guide from the nice folks at PC World.

And, will the next big thing on Facebook be a music downloading service? Read about code name Facebook Vibes.

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this re-posted on every social media platform. It’s the Science of Social Timing from KissMetrics and tells you the best time to post on social media sites. Consider this. If everybody does this, then your post will just get lost in the flood if you do it too. Consider not following the crowd, and standing out a little.

I enjoyed reading this post on Simply Zesty about the tide turning from a focus on SEO to a more human approach to traffic via the power of social media.


Here they are – all the G+ tips you need to get you going, and a few special don’t-do things you’ll want to know. If you’re not on G+ yet, bookmark this page. You’ll need it when you get there.

First tip: Get the lingo down. A lot of folks are now calling the service G+.

Second tip: I’m warning folks off the G+ ID shortener They had to get pushed a little into posting any sort of privacy policy and the little statement on the About page hasn’t done much to comfort me.

I know your ID has 26 numbers after it and is ugly. Here’s what I did. I have an account with, which is a good idea for you to have anyway, and I used the Customize feature to make my link

Third tip: Don’t even think about creating a business profile. Google is in active seek-and-destroy mode on them. Biz profiles are coming later. For more, read this post on Mashable for Google+ Businesses.

Helpful Tutorials

My little attempt to help you get oriented when you first arrive on G+.

Following are links to all the tutorials I’ve gathered and posts I’ve found helpful. And, you’ll want to find this people and follow them everywhere they post, including G+.

John Jantsch just posted his list of tutorials. And, he’s a very helpful guy to follow. I’ve been reading his Duct Tape Marketing site for a couple of years now (great podcasts too).

Complete Guide to G+ from Social Media Examiner

Deb Ng’s collection of 50 Google+ links from her Kommein blog. (Deb is quickly becoming one of my fave bloggers to read.)

How to add G+ to your WordPress sidebar from the Blogging Pro site.

How to cut down on the G+ noise from the Stay N Alive site.

Silicon Beach Training has a nice post on how to pimp your G+ banner pix across the top of your profile.

What Every Site Owner Should Know could save you hundreds of dollars and months of frustration. Free with subscription to BlogAid News.

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    Hi MaAnna, I couldn’t wait to get your tips this week. I was hoping for a word-press plug-in for a Google+ button and you didn’t disappoint. Thanks for the referral! I’m going to check it, get it and install it! :)

    • BlogAid says

      Dorien, I’ve only found one of those so far, but I bet more are already in the works since more folks are finally getting on G+.