Tips Tuesday and the Top 100 Blogs You Need to Follow or Maybe Not

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! I’m happy to celebrate the launch of one of my client’s sites Seek Social Media. I am so proud of the owner, Carole Billingsley. She really has a super site to show for all the hard work she put into it. And I know you’ll find it helpful too, so go check it out.

There are only a couple of slots left in May for WordPress Training classes. If you’re ready to be a successful site owner and get your new site launched before summer, contact me quick!


These are the Top 100 Social Media Internet Marketing SEO Blogs of 2012 as ranked by Cision. I’ve spent the last week having a look at every one of these blogs and suggest you do too. I’m down to around the mid 70s at this point and what I’ve found has been shocking. Expect a blog post on it soon, but you should really see for yourself what it takes to get in the top 100.

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WordPress Tips

A WordPress 3.3.2 security update is available. So, be sure to update your site asap.

Also, the Beta 3 version of WordPress 3.4 is out. I’m a beta tester and will have a full report for you soon.

I don’t like to knock other folks’ helpful WordPress posts, but this one is a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 5 Handy WordPress Features You Might not Know About from WP Manage. The reason you don’t know about them is because it’s not a good idea to use most of them. So, go have a look and put them on your beware and forewarned list.

WordPress Plugins

Recently Updated
The WordPress SEO plugin is hands down the best, but a minority of folks are experiencing 404 site map errors. If you’ve had this issue, the nice folks at WP Beginner have the fix, but it does require some coding.

Plugins to Check Out
Cheryll Picket has a nice post asking Is Your Blog Missing This Important Piece and it’s about a plugin you’ll want to check out. I don’t have it on BlogAid and I should.

On a previous post I mentioned an archives page layout on ProBlogger that I really liked. Well, this may be the poor man’s version to that high-dollar custom design. Tom Ewer has a post on on How to Create Custom Post Lists and Display them Anywhere on Your Blog. It uses a plugin called List Category Posts. As you’ll see in his posts, there are formatting concerns that require a few theme edits, but they’re not difficult or would be an inexpensive thing to have a designer do.

Maybe this should be labled “Plugins to Check Out From” because I’m done with Broken Link Checker. I’ve been using for several months and the amount of false positives grows with every Tips Tuesday post I make. When I go back to check them manually, the links are fine. Done with the emails telling me stuff is broken when it’s not. Would far rather rely on my nice readers who are quick to tell me when they find a broken link to a page on BlogAid.

Blog Tips

Good advice from Mitt Ray on 7 Ways to Launch White Papers with a Bang.

How I Increased my Email Subscribers 500% in One Week is a nice post by Francisco Rosales on his Social Mouths site. He details a few small changes that he made that resulted in a significant increase. Definitely worth a read.

More Tips

Many of my clients already use gmail and simply set up another account their to handle their website email. If you want to make the switch from your desktop client, here’s a tutorial that can help you Import and Manage Multiple Email Accounts to Gmail.

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