Tips Tuesday and Questions to Ask Before Publishing Your Post

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! There’s been a major upgrade to the WordPress SEO plugin. It’s one of my faves. And, not so good news on the Sexy Bookmarks plugin. You’ll want the skinny on both! Planning a summer break? How to plan for your blog too, in the Blogging section. Bunches of new vid tuts are on the way. Blog posts are coming, but you can catch many of them now on the BlogAid YouTube Channel. If you subscribe, you’ll know about them the minute I upload!


Super infographic from ProBlogger on the 15 Questions to Ask Before Publishing Your Next Post. If you’re publishing posts without a plan and without asking these questions, your results are probably random and mixed too.


Interesting post from WP Beginner about 6 Reasons Why We Switched Away from Livefyre. I thought the concept of Livefyre was good, but also thought that it put up too much of a barrier for my commentors to have to register with yet another commenting service.

WordPress Plugins

The links below are to the plugin developer’s page, but you can find most if not all of these plugins in the WordPress plugins repository.

Recently Updated
Major upgrade of WordPess SEO plugin by Yoast. This by far the best SEO plugin on the planet, IMHO. You’ll want to read the post for all the changes and to be sure that your settings are fully optimized. And be sure to see the new rel=author feature. If you’re already doing this another way on your site, don’t set up a conflict doing it twice.

Do you manage ads on your site? The Ad Code Manager plugin allows you to do it from within the admin area.

In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard, Facebook released an official WordPress plugin that is supposed to offer seamless integration. I’ve read mixed reviews on its performance, even to the point of significantly slowing done the site. Many folks are trying then deactivating. How about you?

The Simple Facebook Connect plugin from OttoPress is modular so you can use just the parts you need but still have just one plugin and one interface.

WPTouch transforms your blog into a mobile-friendly version.

Here’s the list of WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities and Fixes for 06/12/2012 from the nice folks at WP Security Lock. Aren’t you glad that someone keeps up with this?

Plugins to Check Out
Oh, this is so not good. I like and use the SexyBookmarks plugin and recommend it to clients. Christine Cobb discovered that it is sharing info about your site with third parties and worse. It may be sharing more that is a bit of a security issue. Be sure to read her post SexyBookmarks – An Update for the steps you need to take. You can bet I’ll be updating my vid tut on this soon too.

Blog Tips

Are you hoping to go on a get-away this summer? Does that mean not getting away from your blog? Here are some thoughts on WP Blog Talk for Summer Vacations: To Blog or Not to Blog.

Maybe you don’t have because you don’t ask. Super tip from Fabienne on How to Use a Call to Action to Attract More Clients.

This is good, really good. Jodi Harris has collected tips and opinions from several top marketers on How To Measure The Success Of Content Marketing. I especially enjoyed that the focus is on measuring what counts and contributes to the bottom line. You can have all of the page views and followers in the world, but if no one is taking action, then you’re just running a really informative charity. And, without measuring, you’re doing it blindly.

The Importance of Writing Better Page Titles for Google from Scott Langdon on Higher Visibility will help your posts get found and clicked.

Are you stuck for ideas or have unproductive blogging habits? Then you’re going to love this review from Roger C. Parker of the 7 Top Productivity Books for Content Marketing Success.

SEO Tips

Get a little more SEO juice when you use this nice tidbit from Tim Schmoyer on ReelSEO. How to Properly Link to Your YouTube Channel for Maximum SEO Link Equity.

The folks at Manage WP are busting some myths and setting the record straight about Penuin penalties with 3 Post-Penguin Facts You Must Understand.

More Tips

Do you know if your site looks good in all browsers? Super post from the nice folks at with 7 Web Tools to Help You Cross-Browser Test Your WordPress Theme. I’ve been using the first one for a couple of years. Works great.

Get the YouTube Creator Playbook that was recently updated. It has important tips, best practices, and strategies to build greater audiences on YouTube. It’s pretty big, so if you want some bite size tips, might want to check out the posts on ReelSEO like this one on How to Optimize Your Business Video Meta Data.

See you online!


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