Tips Tuesday May 31 and a Control Key T-shirt

I first saw this graphic on Digital Inspiration and am totally tempted to order the T-shirt from Woot. It certainly is a fun way to remember the control key shortcuts! Kudos to the artist who created it.

I’ve been in WordPress video tutorial making bliss for a couple of weeks now. Got 14 new vid tuts that I’ll be releasing as a class soon. BlogAid News subscribers will be the first to know. In fact, a few of the subscribers, who are also raving fans, will get free access for helping test out the new member area. See, it pays to pat your friendly neighborhood geek on the head once in a while.

Tech Tips

If you’ve been blogging long and have a popular site, you know that comment spam is a pain. But you may not know that it can actually cost you. Here’s a post from Lynn Terry on ClickNewz about how she lost her AdSense revenue because of it. AdSense and Blog Comment Spam Be sure to have a look at the comments on the post too.

Here’s something a little out of the ordinary. Do you ever have a need to use Adobe Software for a single project? Well, here’s a low-investment way. You can rent Adobe Software by the month.

Blog Tips

Congratulations! You have a website, along with a few hundred thousand other people who just launched their site today too. If you want to be found online, you have to let folks know you’re there. Here’s a really good post by Pat Flynn on his Smart Passive Income blog for 5 Things You Can Do To Market and Promote Your Website It’s got screenshots and everything.

If five promotion tips aren’t enough, see these 21 Quick Actions for Massive Blog Success on Think Traffic. Between these two posts, you have no excuses for not being able to find something that fits your skills and time allowance to make a little effort toward website success.

Social Media Tips

Cameron Chapman has a nice post on Kissmetrics about 5 Social Media Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur and Cost You Sales.

Not getting a lot of comments on your Facebook page? Don’t be discouraged. Here’s a post that will show you the ratio of fans to comments and number of Likes. And when BlogAid gets to a million fans, I’ll let you know if it’s true!

In your bid for folks to Like your page, here’s a nice post on All Facebook to help you Optimize the Like Button for any content.

See you online happy site owners!

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