Tips Tuesday March 8

Like whale watching? Then, good, because this Tips Tuesday post is a bit one! There is so many important changes happening in online marketing these days that I wanted you to know about all of them, plus bring you a few extra. Enjoy!


While there’s a lull in changes to Facebook biz pages, it’s time to focus on the ramifications of Google’s latest change to their primary algorithm. It mainly affects what are known as content farms, which are sites with tons of content generated by outside writers (opposed to staff). This nice post from Search Engine Land gives a good account of what’s happening. Google Forecloses on Content Farms.

I’ve got a post coming later this week that will be of particular interest to those who use article marketing as part of their online mix. Article directories have taken a major hit from this Google change.

While some sites have experienced a big dip in their hits, others have benefited significantly from it. If you’re trying to get a handle on reading your stats, then you’ll want to check out this post from Webbiquity on 8 of the Best Web Analytics Guides of 2010.

Tech Tips

Bunches of good what-to and how-to posts are popping up everywhere. If you’re trying to bump up your Google Places listing, you’ll want to check out the series from Dave Davies to Improve Your Organic Rankings with Google Places.

For more info on why organic matters, check out this guest post by Spencer Hesseltine on Stay on Search who asks, Is Google Places revolutionizing organic search for local business?

Now that you’re convinced that local search can help your business, you’ll want to create more of a presence for it online. This nice post from Search Engine Land gives you 9 Ways to Start a New Local Business Using Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, and Google.

While researching the iFrames code for creating new pages on Facebook for your biz, I came across something I think is just great. You can show folks who have not liked your page yet one thing, and show your fans another. It’s called a Reveal Tab. Here’s a little background from Hyperarts. It’s a wee bit techie for most folks, but I wanted to make you aware of it.

I’ve been contacted by a nice app creator (through Twitter) and it looks like they’ve come up with a very easy way to do this iFrames thing. I’m going to actually test it out on my Facebook page first and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Here’s another Facebook change to consider. For a while now, folks have been able to put a Like button on the pages of their website. When visitors clicked it, a little one-line blurb would be placed on the Wall of their Facebook profile giving the name of the page/post and stating that they Liked it. Well, now Facebook includes the full blurb of info included when you Share a link on Facebook. Not everyone is happy about the change. Some fear that visitors will stop clicking the Like button. Here’s a full story on Inside Facebook.

Getting good reviews on your Google Places listing helps bump up your SEO. But don’t even think about requesting paid reviews anymore. Google’s new algorithm changes affect that too. Paid reviews include any solicited from your clients by way of offering a discount to them. They also include SEO firms that post reviews even though they have never set foot in your establishment.

Another thing for you to be careful about with this is having customers post a review from a computer in your shop. Posting requires the user to sign in with their Google Account. If bunches of reviews come from the same IP address, Google will know something’s fishy about it.

Here’s a post by Barry Schwartz on SEO Round Table about the Google Maps Reviews Guildeline.

Blog Tips

Just one little tip in this section, but it’s a good one. There’s a nice video on Social Media Examiner about How to Create Compelling Blog Content.

And we all know that content rules the Internet. So, go watch and do.

Social Media Tips

Three good Facebook tips for you this week. Suzanne Vara has a very nice post on Social Media Today titled Facebook New Pages Redesign Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide.  If you have a small business, you’ll definitely want to see her tips for that too.

Once you get your Facebook biz page setup, you may wonder why your stats aren’t improving. Here’s a post on Social Mouths on 10 Reasons Your Facebook page is Not Taking Off.

TechCrunch has been beta testing the new Facebook Comments System.  This could be a real game changer, but I’m holding up on installing it on my site for a bit. Right now, it doesn’t play well with others, so it’s an all-or-nothing deal. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to discourage comments from non-Facebook followers. I’ll keep you posted on this important feature when they roll it out.

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