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Woman with QuestionsFree WordPress Tech Support! Do you have pressing questions about one little thing on using WordPress? I’m finding that a lot of folks want to know about something that’s not big enough to warrant a class, but would sure be helpful if they knew. I’m considering a live Q&A event. Let me know if that is something you would like to attend. I’m also finding that most folks are available on weekends and in the evenings. Which do you prefer? Post your comments below to let me know what works best for you.

Tech Tips

Are you an SEO newbie? Then, you’ll enjoy this post from Live Your Love. It lives up to its name as an SEO 101 Beginners Ultimate Guide.

Now, normally I don’t share too many posts with code in them because so many of my readers don’t want to fool with it. After all, that’s why they keep me hanging around. But, this is a good post from Kristi Hines about how to insert social sharing buttons in single post templates. What I want you to see is how many she has at the top and bottom of the post and think about how having these links could help your blog ranking.

Free is good, yes? Here’s a wonderful tip from Tony Elderidge for a way to create free banners, headers, ad boxes, and other graphics for your site. It’s great for all of those redecorating the sidebars and top images on your Facebook pages too.

Speaking of the images that run across the top of your Facebook page, here’s a how-to post from WChingYa on how to upload and arrange Facebook images on both your personal profile and on the newly revamped business page layout.

Blog Tips

Does your business site need a blog? Pam Moore gives you 15 tips to build a website that does more than tweet. Pay attention to points 2 and 12 in the lower section. It’s why BlogAid puts training before design and why content is king on the Internet.

Looking for ways to market your content after the Google algorithm change? You’ll want to see this post from Directory Journal on 5 ways to use content marketing to build your authority status.

So, you’re taking a break at the office and surfing on your iPhone and come across a great video on YouTube, but don’t have time to watch it. Check out this post from Digital Inspiration on how to bookmark web videos to watch later.

Are you thinking about jumping on the video marketing bandwagon? See this post from Search Engine Land on 5 legal tips for video search marketing.

Social Media Tips

With all the crazy changes happening at Facebook, wouldn’t it be nice if there one really good FAQs page on them. Well, there is. The Facebook Queen herself, Mari Smith has generously put one together for you on the 15 frequently asked questions about Facebook pages.

With all the talk being about Facebook lately, you might be wondering if Twitter still matters. It does. Read this post on Search Engine Land to see how Google indexes your tweets now in 10 seconds.

If you’re a Twitter newbie, you’ll enjoy this post from Dani McGrath on I Heart Twitter covering all the basics.

And here’s a really good post from Dana Lynn Smith on how to use Twitter Replies the right way.

With all the dust kicked up about Facebook and Google lately, you may have also missed this announcement from LinkedIn about launching their LinkedIn Today news feeder featuring daily tips and news for online marketers.

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  1. says

    I would love a Q&A live. I could learn from others and I could ask my one pain in the butt question. Availability? Who knows? I will ask it here now as well in case you decide against a Q&A.

    If you go to my blog and click on the second menu bar (any tab), you will see that I am getting a crazy URL. I can’t figure out why. Is this some crazy glitch with the “Ellie” theme? It has been happening ever since WP update that allowed WP Ellie to have two menu bars.

    UGGHHH!!! Looking forward to Q&A

  2. says

    I’d certainly welcome a live Q&A. There’s always something new you can learn.

    The only problem I have just now with this website-in-progress is: I can’t seem to get rid of the comments box on the home page. It even shows up if I switch to the WordPress 2010 theme.

    • BlogAid says

      Wendy, thanks so much for subscribing to BlogAid News and hope you enjoy the free ebook. To address the issue with your site, below the text editor you are using to create the page should be a module titled Discussion. You’ll see two check boxes there. One is to Allow Comments and the other is to Allow Trackbacks. Uncheck the one for comments.

      If you don’t see the Discussion module on the page, then go up to the top right of the page, just under the logout link, and click the Screen Options tab. It will expand and show all of the modules available to be displayed on the page. Be sure that the Discussion one is checked.

      If you need more help finding the the modules and tabs, see the video tutorial on using the Dashboard page. Even though you’re working on a Text Editor page, it will still help you with locating stuff on the page. You can see more videos on the Resources page. Hope that helps!

  3. says

    Oops! I forgot to mention: my time is flexible. I’ll subscribe to Blog Aid News, so that I won’t miss a notice, if you decide to do the Q&A thing.

  4. says


    Thanks so very much! The Discussion module appears not to be an option with the template I designed, but by activating the versatile WordPress 2010 theme, I was able to follow your instructions and eliminate that comment box. When I reactivated the theme I had created, it stayed gone. So all is well, and I’m a very happy camper.

    You have a great fan, and I’d recommend you anytime.

    • BlogAid says

      Fantastic, Wendy. Glad that worked and I hope to bring you even more helpful videos soon!