Tips Tuesday June 14 and Computer Hiccups

Tips TuesdayHave you been experience computer hiccups? You’re not alone. Lots of folks are having issues right now. I’m also a machine whisperer (electronics engineer), and I’ve seen this pattern before. My advice is to pat your computer and say nice things to it for the next few days. Might do well to say nice things to all of the machines you depend on for a while.

Tech Tips

BlogAid has been busted by Tia Peterson on Biz Chick Blogs. Yep, I’m guilty. Got an old Add to Any button at the bottom of every post. Like any good engineer, I don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Thanks to Tia’s post on The All-Too-Common Mistake Many Lifestyle Bloggers Make, I discovered that it’s not working as well as newer share button systems. Read her post to see her tips and recommendations.

Looking for an easy way to add audio to your marketing mix? Here’s a good post on Social Media Examiner about why you can take Spreaker off the candidate list of tools. Or maybe I’ve said enough already.

Blog Tips

And, while you’re on Social Media Examiner, check out the Ultimate Bloggers Guide to Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media Tips

Want to give your Facebook biz page fans an easy way to contact you? I do and I’m checking into ContactForms. If you’re already using this app, let us know how it’s working for you.

I’m still sitting this one out for now because I think the Google 1+ button is a passing fad. But, if you want to give it a go, here are several helpful links to get you started.

  • Begin with this great post from Kristi Hines, titled Your Guide to the Google 1+ Button. But note the update at the top. She has removed it from her site due to its negative effect on page load times. I’ll be watching her site closely for updates because she writes the skinny on what’s working and what’s not from first-hand experience.
  • Denise Wakeman as a great post on how Adding the Google 1+ Button Gives Your Blog More Visibility.
  • And, here’s another good how-to from John Jantsch on Adding the Google 1+ Button. But, if you have a WordPress site, you may want to skip to the end where you gives you the link for the plugin.

See you online!

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