Tips Tuesday Feb 22

I’ve done it again. Ever since I merged Just the FAQs in with BlogAid I’ve been tweaking my posting habits to suit. For a while I carried on the practice of Tech Tips Tuesday from JTF and moved Blog Tips to Thursday. Then I combined it and title them Blog and Tech Tip Tuesday. Since I’ve started reporting online marketing news and social media too, I’ve decided to change the name again to simply Tips Tuesday.

In this week’s edition you’ll find tips for capitalizing on what you know through teaching, blogging, article marketing, and Q&A sites. I’ve also culled some good links for building your email list and local search tools. Enjoy!


We are all walking encyclopedias on at least one topic. Problem is, most of us take for granted the value of what we know. You can actually turn teaching into online marketing success. Copyblogger has a nice post asking Has the Internet Made Teaching Lucrative? And the answer is yes!

Be sure to see the Blog Tips section below for more ways you capitalize on your knowledge and experience.

Tech Tips

Growing a healthy email list is a great way to keep your name in front of clients. Hubspot has a great post for 21 Awesome Ideas to Grow Your Email List.

If you blog, you may already be aware of the importance of using Categories, especially if you run a magazine style theme on your site. Kristi Hines has a great post on What Are Post Tags & Why You Should Be Using Them.

If your business thrives on local customers, then this post on Search Engine Journal of 10 Local Search Tools I Simply Can’t Live Without is a must-read for you.

Blog Tips

Think article marketing is dead? Not on your life. It’s a great way to garner extra exposure and backlinks to your site. Stay On Search has a nice post on How Article Marketing Can Help Your Blog.

Do folks routinely ask questions or for your opinion when you tell them what you do? Yeah, I get that a lot. Everybody loves free tech support. I came across a couple of post on Quora, which is an online Q&A site that I’m going to check out for how to capitalize on my knowledge and build my expertise online.

The first is from Social Mouths on Why You Need to Join Quora and the second is from Web Strategist on Quora for Business Currently not Allowed, But You Should Still Monitor.

Social Media Tips

I’m making a real goal of using LinkedIn more. I’ve been collecting good posts about it that I’ve found helpful. Here’s one from Social Media Examiner on 8 New LinkedIn Features Worth Exploration and another from Joyce Oladipo on How I Build My Business with LinkedIn.

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