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Welcome to all new BlogAid followers! Here are a few tips from recent archives that you’ll find helpful.

What You Need to Know About WordPress Website Design

Locate the RSS or Atom Feed for Your Blog

Focus Your Message with the Right Colors for Your Website

What SEO is and Why You Need It

Tech Tips

Kristi Hines runs a hugely successful site and is one of my fave blogs to follow. When you get that big, expect a lot of spam comments on your posts. Here’s how she clears them out. And, be sure to read all the comments! WordPress comment system plugins moderation policy.

I’m grateful to Denise Wakeman for being so faithful to regularly run this post for backing up all of your online activity. It’s simple to do and catastrophic if you don’t. No brainer. Are you backing up your blog and other social sites?

Blog Tips

Are you an affiliate marketer or thinking of becoming one? Then, by all means, learn from the best. Lynn Terry, who was just featured on the cover of Social Media Woman Magazine, has a nice post on the Top 10 Problems with Affiliate Marketing.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom for instructions for being notified when her new Affiliate Starter Guide book comes out in August.

If you’re thinking about adding a blog to your online marketing mix, be sure to read this guest post on Daily Blog Tips by Mark Riddix on 5 things you need to be prepared for when starting a blog.  (It’s a good read for new bloggers too.)

Once you get your blog going, you’ll want to read this post by Cindy King on Social Media Examiner on 17 ways to grow your blog from top bloggers.

Social Media Tips

Facebook just announced that you can now use your personal profile as a business page. That’s good news for some folks who have built their brand around their name. But, be careful. It’s a one-way-only change. Read more in this post from Fast Company on user profiles as business pages.

If you already have a Facebook biz page, here’s a nice post on how to optimize your Facebook page for visual branding.

Facebook has also just released a new feature that allows you to include a questions type poll on your page. Here’s a super short post from Mashable on how to add Facebook questions.

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