Tips Tuesday April 12 and New Video Site Reviews


BlogAid is offering a new service – expert video site reviews. I’m kicked it off in Monday’s post with a review of the popular StudioPress Lifestyle Theme so you can see how a magazine style theme works, what elements are under the site’s control, and what can easily be customized.

I’m working on a review of a site that I find very helpful and I’ll show you why this site works so well, plus tips on variations that can be applied to different niche sites for other audiences.

If you would like some pointers on your site, about what’s working well and what you might want to tweak, contact me. I’m offering the service for free while I’m building up my portfolio. If your site is selected to be featured on a BlogAid post, you’ll receive some precious, organic backlinks and a little more traffic to boot!

Tech Tips

Google has changed their profile pages. See this nice post on Search Engine Land for the news on the redesign and then read my post, Life Imitates Art and Google Imitates Facebook, for the how-to and why-to.

If you’ve been meaning to learn how SEO works and how to use it, but are just too short on time, then you’ll love this! Here’s a great post from HubSpot with the Shortest tutorial Ever on SEO.

Search Engine Land has a nice post on YouTube’s expanded search filters. While the intent is to make it easy for users to find videos they like, as a video producer, you need to know how this works too so you can be sure to include the right kinds of keywords in your video titles and descriptions.

Blog Tips

There’s a wonderful post on Search Engine Journal on The Keys to Content Marketing to improve search rankings. If you want to get rank well on Google for specific keywords, this post gives some great tips about how to do it via better content. If you want to see how BlogAid did it, read How I Shot to the Top of Google with Keywords in the News.

And, here’s a wonderful post by Stoney deGeyter on Search Engine Guide for those of you who are obsessed with your site’s ranking. It’s titled Dear Client I Love You but Will You PLEASE Stop Obsessing Over Your Search Engine Rankings?

Social Media Tips

Mari Smith has a very helpful post on the Top Ten Favorite Social Media Tools that will make your time on sites like Twitter and Facebook more effective.

With business owners flocking to Facebook to engage their audiences, Twitter is feeling a bit left behind. So, to entice biz owners back, Twitter is considering offering brands a Facebook-style page. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about this in the future and I’ll keep you posted on news and how it will affect you.

I say it to my clients all the time, being on the bleeding edge cuts both ways. Facebook recently rolled out the option for users to turn their personal profile into a business page. Unfortunately, the bug fairy that has plagued the iframes switch paid a visit to this switch as well. It was supposed to be a one-way only change, but because it’s so buggy, users have asked to switch back. If you made the switch, All Facebook has a nice post on how to file an official Facebook Appeal to get your page switched back.

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