Tips Tuesday and Singing the Backup Blues

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! Got a bunch of goodies for you this week, and a follow-up report on my site backup plugin research. Read on to find out how you can help.


Last week in Tips Tuesday, I reported having found a couple of highly recommended plugins to backup your site. Unfortunately, as I dug more into the research, I found that each plugin has limitations. Some don’t work well with a few hosts and/or secure online storage areas. And, one very promising plugin just sprang a major security leak a few weeks ago and is yet to be repaired. Look for a blog post soon with details on all my findings.

If your backup is working fine, I sure would appreciate you sending me a note with the following:

  • Plugin Name
  • Your host company
  • Your backup storage, even if it’s a .zip file emailed to you

Thanks in advance for helping the BlogAid community of readers!

Tech Tips

Need to see if your site looks good on all browsers? Get BrowserLab from Adobe. It’s free until April 2012. I’ve tried it, and like all Adobe products, it’s a little heavy on the front end, meaning it takes a while to load. And, you do have to create an account. But, it’s a good emulator.

If you’re using a non premium theme, it’s likely that every page of your site is stuck with the same sidebar. And, it is usually cost prohibitive to have custom sidebars coded for your theme. Well, good news! The folks at WPBeginner have a nice post on a plugin called Display Widget that allows you to easily select which page the widget displays.

This is extremely disturbing news. Now that everyone has rushed to meet the Oct. 1 deadline for getting all of their Facebook embedded content stored on an SSL site, hackers have successfully just broken the encryption code.  I don’t suppose the world will miss a few Facebook pages going down over it, but they sure will miss all of the banks and other high-value target sites that use SSL for secure transactions.

Blog Tips

The great thing about fiction is that it’s a brand new book to someone who hasn’t read it yet. Here’s a nice guest post by Dan McGirt on the Marketing Tips for Authors site (run by my bud Tony Eldridge) for 5 Tips For Marketing Your Novel The Second Time Around.

I like to think of myself as a broad minded person. But when it comes to my blog, I know it pays to follow this advice from Jay Baer on his Convince and Convert site about how to build blog subscribers by getting narrow minded.

Online audiences fall into two general categories of thinkers and feelers. Here’s a nice post on Vertical Measures, with nice images too, on how to make landing pages that convert well for both types.

Social Media Tips

How are you liking the new layout of your Facebook news feed? If you want something you have a little more control over, Hugh Briss of Social Identities suggests trying Better Facebook. It’s a news feed filter that allows you choose your layout.

Mari Smith has a new book coming out this month about relationship marketing. Here’s a video interview she did with Jay of Convince and Convert (transcript available too). It’s titled Caring Consistency and the New Relationship Marketing.

Now that you have your new Facebook profile all spiffied up, you may be in the mood to pimp your Google+ profile.

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