Tips Tuesday and Redesign Your WordPress Site for Higher Conversion

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! This week’s post is full of plugins you want to check out to see which ones are good, bad, and well, you know. And, you know I’ve been keeping quiet while working on a big project. New training and workshops are coming to BlogAid. I can’t tell you about them yet, but if you want a hint, check out the new sections near the end of the WordPress Video Tutorials library.


This is good, really good. If you’re considering a website redesign then Hack Your Web Developer’s Questionnaire for Higher Conversion by Brian Massey on Search Engine Land is a must read. If you’re not considering a redesign, maybe you should, and probably will, after reading this.


Responsive design for WordPress themes is taking hold. If you’re thinking about switching to one, you’ll want to bookmark this page by Sarah Gooding on WPMU for 10 Responsive Slider Plugins for WordPress.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins to Check Out
Is your site loading slowly? A plugin might be the cause. Nice post on WPMods by Kevin Muldoon on how to use the P3 Plugin to test your site. The post is full of screenshots and explanations of what the report tells you.

Need to put short codes in your sidebar?  Check this post from Sarah Gooding on WPMU for a new plugin that does it without you having to get into the site code.

This may be more of a plugin to watch out for than check. On, Tom Ewer’s Quick WordPress Tip: Future Proof Your CSS Stylings With Add To All reviews the features of the plugin. While protecting your custom CSS file from theme upgrades sounds great, maybe the developers should have stopped there. I’m not at all keen about how it controls what’s written in your header and footer code. And he found that it didn’t work well for some types of code/scripts. What I didn’t like was that it could stop your analytics plugin code from being updated. That’s one of the beauties of using a plugin for that function. My favorite theme designer, Cyndi Papya of Office To-Go, says that this type of CSS protection is not recommended for StudioPress theme users.

Another plugin to watch out for is Add to Any. I used this bookmarking plugin up until about a year ago when I switched over to Sexy Bookmarks. One of my clients installed it recently and it put some sort of hash tag tracking code type thing on the end of all her page URLs. It took a while to trace it back to the plugn’s CSS file. So be sure to check your site if you’re using it. FYI, the home page URL will be fine, but not the rest of your pages.

Blog Tips

How to Get Serious about Promoting Your Blog is from one of my fave bloggers, Stanford Smith on Pushing Social. There’s a super download at the end of this post too.

And while you’re on Stanford’s site, be sure to jump in his How to Get Your First 1000 Blog Readers Challenge. This is the first post and it has already been going on for three weeks, but it’s made so you can jump in any time and runs for three months. There are already some super downloads and tips to get like this Challenge ToolKit.

Most of my clients are on their second site. Sorry to say that many of them went through this first. From Brankica Underwood on For Bloggers By Bloggers – How to Waste a Year of Your Life Blogging for Free.

Marcus Sheridan (of The Sales Lion) has a nice guest post on Social Media Examiner with 5 Creative Tips to Increase Blog Traffic and Boost Your Business. I use several of these tips and they work, especially #5 for me. The posts where I’ve done that are still the most popular posts on BlogAid months later.

6 Ways a Book Landing Page can Increase Your Book’s Revenue is a super guest post by Kent Weber on The Savvy Book Marketer that is good advice for way more than books. While you’re there, poke around on the rest of the site and you’ll find plenty more good marketing tips that really work.


Google’s Matt Cutts Says WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform for SEO. And, he offers some SEO tips in this post on How to Make My Blog too.

Here are the Top 5 Free SEO Tools as listed from the nice folks at Silicon Beach Training.

Social Media Tips

Super duper guest post by Brad Shore on SocialMouths about The Real Relationship Between Social Media and SEO. He clearly explains how to distinguish between ranking and visibility factors and why you need to pay attention to both. Plus, he includes steps to take advantage of making the most of social.

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