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Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! This week’s tips are full of examples of why I love the Open Source community. You know, all those folks who create WordPress and the plugins you use. And, if you run or attend a local WordCamp or other ‘Presser groups, be sure to see the announcement in the WordPress section.


If you offer free or paid downloads, read this. Dave Clements is a developer I respect and in this post, Delivering Downloads in WordPress with Easy Digital Downloads he reviews a plugin by a developer he respects, Pippin Williams. This is a great example of why I love the open source community.


Delighted to read this! has created a new contributor group that will act as the central hub for letting folks know about WordCamps and Meetups everywhere. Should help folks find their local WP activities and coordinate efforts to create a global community that knows about and talks to one another.

I encourage you to get involved with your local WordPress community. Go to and have a look. You may be surprised how many there are.

WordPress Plugins

Some of the links below are to the plugin developer’s page, but you can find most if not all of these plugins in the WordPress plugins repository.

Recently Updated
When I revamped the BlogAid theme, I also went in search of a new social bookmarking plugin. I really liked Social Sharing Toolkit because I wanted something super simple in both configuration and display. However, the plugin has been having a few issues in the display part lately. The developer just upgraded this weekend and while that fixed the bug, it also caused it to display an extra bit of text I don’t want until someone hits Like on the Facebook Like button.

The great thing about the recent house cleaning on the WordPress plugin repository is that the support forum for each plugin is monitored and you can see if a developer is keeping up. This one is, and I’m sure he’ll address what I posted about it. And, of course, I’ll keep you posted too.

Plugins to Check Out
Get Carousel Without Jetpack is a nice review of this new plugin by Sarah Gooding on It turns your photo galleries into a super nice light box-type carousel.

Interesting post on WP Hack on Whether You Should a Related Posts plugin. It is mainly addressing the type of plugins that dynamically search your content to auto-generate related posts. They cause a noticeable performance issue. He offers a better plugin solution.

Because so many of the posts on BlogAid are tutorials and become obsolete as platforms continue to change, I want to hand-pick the related posts and do that with MicroKid’s Related Post plugin. There are no performance issues with MicroKid, which is another reason why I’m sticking with it.

Blog Tips

This is good, really good. Covers both design and content. For Internet Marketing, Clear Beats Clever from Brad Shorr on Straight North.

SEO Tips

Do you use Google Analytics? Better check to see that it’s still there. On Wednesday, July 18, Google officially discontinued the old version. If you were using the old footer script, it doesn’t work now. The new version, which rolled out about a year ago has a script that goes in the header. If you use a plugin, such as Google Analyticator, you’re fine. It updated to the proper script in the right place for you. For more, read Google Kills Old School Analytics.

Amanda DiSilvestro has a nice post on Techipedia asking Is the Bing Disavow Links Tool Worth All the Hype?

Is Digg done? Another nice post from Amanda DiSilvestro on The Rise and Fall of Digg this time on the Higher Visibility blog.

Marketing Tips

I employ every one of the 5 Small Blog Tweaks That Will Lead To Big Results that Marko Saric says to do in this post on How to Make My Blog and they really do work.

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