Tips Tuesday and Make 2012 Your Best Blog Year Yet

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! Welcome to the last Tips Tuesday of 2011. Whoosh! Another year has flown by. This time of year is very busy at BlogAid because so many folks are launching BIG for the new year. If you’re ready to make big changes to your site, put a pair of qualified eyes on it first. Get a full Site Evaluation and Review. It’s a 20-point inspection of your whole site including security, plugins, database health and more.

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This post title by Marco Saric on his How to Make My Blog site speaks for itself. It’s 12 Tips to Make 2012 Your Best Blog Year Yet.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins to Check Out

The Download Manager plugin that allows you to upload files and the pro version allows you to sell them too.

Do you run events? You may be interested in this Event Calendar plugin. It will soon be integrated with PayPal too.

WordPress Tips

Do you have a lot of images on your site that would look great in a gallery? Tired of hard-to-use plugins for it? Here’s how to add an image gallery without a plugin.

Free incentives are a great way to get more subscribers to your email list. Here’s a nice post by Rob Cubbon on How to Place an Aweber Sign Up Form with Bbook Incentive in Your Sidebar.

Blog Tips

This is a blogging technique that I use and it works well for creating posts that lead to a more consistent message and/or lead up to a special that you’re offering. James Dunaway on Blogging Pro tells you Why Creating an Editorial Calendar Should be a Priority.

I know it’s not a popular topic, but your online business is subject to the same taxes as having a job working for someone else. But now, you’re taking all the liability risks. See this guest post on ProBlogger for How to Avoid Legal Trouble and Income Tax Fines and Penalties as a Blogger.

This daily tip from on how to Go from 30 Views to 22,000 with this Simple Action got my attention. It’s about using SlideShare. So, I dug around and found a few other links to help me get started including the Slideshare plugin from Yoast and this post on Pushing Social for 7 Ways to Use SlideShare to Get More Blog Traffic.

Are you making things easier or better for your clients? In his post on Smashimg Magazine, Paul Scrivens says Easier is Better than Better and I believe him.

How would you like to write books and never have to pitch or sell yourself again? Then read this post by Jeff Goins with Every Writer’s Dream and an ebook that will help you make it reality.

Social Media Tips

Is your audience visually driven? We all know that including images in your posts on Facebook is more eye-catching. But look what happened when Problogger Darren Rowse tweaked how the image displayed in his post. Read How I got 18 Times More Likes on a Facebook Update.

Twitter has been redesigned to look more like Facebook. What Does the Huge Twitter Redesign Mean for Brands and Business?

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    I have another plugins tip for 2012. When searching for plugins take a look at the search engine at:

    It searches the plugin repository but offers better filtering. For example, you can filter by minimum rating, and numbers of ratings and downloads. You can also filter for plugins that have been updated after a date you specify.