Tips Tuesday and Leading with Your Heart in Business

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! It’s Valentine’s Day. Are you doing what you love with the kind of folks you enjoy doing it? As a small business owner online, that’s an important question to ask now and again. It’s way too much work if you don’t have some passion motivating you. Take a moment to remember why you love doing this and all of the great folks you get to mingle with in the process.

I dearly love all of the people, opportunities, and challenges that running BlogAid offers me
and so happy to be sharing it with you online and in person!


A fitting post today from John Jantsch on his Duct Tape Marketing blog about leading with your heart in business titled This is a Message from Your Heart.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins to Check Out
The Touch Carousel Post Content Slider for WordPress is a featured post slider that is mobile friendly

Blog Tips

ProBlogger recently ran a survey of its readership and found some surprising results, plus how trends in how blogging have shifted since last year. You’ll want to read the results here in What 60% of ProBlogger Readers Don’t Do That’s Central to My Blogging Success. That particular tidbit is at the end, of course.

While you’re on ProBlogger, you’ve got to catch this guest post by Neal Patel of KissMetrics titled Develop Irresistible Content with this 4 Point Formula. If you want to know your audience and write copy for them that converts, this post will help you do it.

Blogging is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field. There good and not so good ways to do that. This post on The Blog Herald tells you 5 Ways Not to Become and Authority Blog and you want to ensure that you avoid them.

I really enjoyed this video interview by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner with Lisa Stone, CEO of BlogHer, where he asks How Has Blogging Changed the Voice of Women?

Marketing Tips

Super post from Jeff Goins on Why You Should Care about Building an Email List.

Social Media Tips

How to Destroy Your Blog with Bad Social Media Engagement Practices by James Johnson on Blogging Pro is certainly worth a read if for nothing else than to ensure that you’re not doing any of them.

More Tips

The nice folks at list a bunch of ways you can make free headers and graphics for your site.

I use Camtasia to make the initial screen recording of BlogAid’s video tutorials. And I have an iPad. So you know I took notice when TechSmith released an app to Learn Screencasting with Camtasia on the iPad. If you’re wondering, I use Camtasia for the recording, zooms, and the little draw-on arrows and highlights. I use Sony Vegas for the final editing.

Finally, pricing we can understand. Amazon S3 has always been storage for pennies, but it was hard to see that with their goofy pricing tables. Not any more. Now it’s easy to see the pricing. Best deal on cloud storage and great for backing up your site. I use it, and the BackupBuddy plugin, which easily integrates with AS3.

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    Hi MaAnna!

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I just want to thank you so much for the link to the many graphics tools and tutorials!! Those are going to be so helpful when I’m ready to jump into learning graphics!

    Thanks for all you do to help so many out here. We are so grateful and appreciate you! (If I knew how to do graphics, I’d send you one of a dozen roses! ;) )