Tips Tuesday and It’s All About Conversion

BlogAid Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day holiday and are ready to get back in the groove. The first of September seems to really energize folks to get busy with projects. I’ve got multiple clients graduating from the Scratch to Published for Advanced Site Owners class. We went deep into content, SEO, and conversion. Look for announcements of their sites launching soon. How about you, ready to take your site to the next level? There are only a few spots open for the rest of the month. Contact me pronto to pick your start date. (This particular class has sold out for the last three months.)

Okay, on to this week’s tips. And there are some super duper ones here too, plus a little hidden treasure for loyal readers.

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Brad Shorr has written one of the best posts I’ve seen on How to Make Content do a Better Job of Converting. This post covers everything from fonts to the call-to-action. If folks don’t stay on your site because of usability factors, it doesn’t convert. No matter how long you’ve had your site, take the time to read this post and see all of the screenshot examples, then go check them against your site.

WordPress Tips

I really love the Genesis framework and StudioPress child themes. I recommend them to all of my clients. Here’s a nice post on CopyBlogger about How StudioPress Makes Your WordPress Website Work Smarter.

Want to give a StudioPress premium theme a test drive? Let me set you up with a private training site and a couple of themes (you choose). And then get access to my full WordPress Video Tutorial Library that also includes how to make use of all the special Genesis plugins and widgets. Throw some of your content in there (I’ll show you a trick to make it easy and fast). Then see if a premium theme is right for you. Contact me for details. (You won’t find this deal anywhere on the site yet. It’s just for loyal Tips Tuesday readers right now.)

WordPress Plugins

Some of the links below are to the plugin developer’s page, but you can find most if not all of these plugins in the WordPress plugins repository.

Recently Updated
Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast was recently updated. This is the plugin I recommend you switch to if you were using the now defunct Google Analyticator. See how to make the switch fast and easy.

The WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin has been updated a couple of times recently. He keeps adding new things. Be sure to check your plugin settings. I’ll have a longer post on this soon with all of the additions and features.

Bad Behavior  is an excellent companion plugin to Akismet for blocking blog spam comments. FYI, the G.A.S.P plugin is another good companion to Akismet.)

And, one of the reasons you need a companion to Akismet is because it generates too many false positives. In other words, it flags good commentors as spam too. I have not tried this plugin yet, but

Conditional CAPTCHA will allow a commentor to enter a CAPTCHA code if it thinks they are spam, thus reducing false positives.

Plugins to Check Out
Want to see if your theme meets specs before you upload it? ThemeCheck does just that, and it’s kept in sync with WordPress upgrades.

Blog Tips

No matter how long you’ve been blogging, you need to read this post from Ali Luke on CopyBlogger to ensure you really are including all the fundamentals for success. 5 Step Blogging Plan.

Thanks to Cyndi Papia of Office To-Go for this tip and link for free photos for your blog. Keep in mind that free photo resources like this require proper attribution, while purchased photos do not. So, read the TOS on any royalty free photo site to stay in compliance.

Nice guest post on Kikolani by Nathalie Lussier on How To Anticipate What Your Blog Readers Want From You Next. I especially like the tips on mining for questions. I use that a lot to come up with ideas for tutorials.

SEO Tips

Must read post by Dave Harry on the real skinny about Google’s next algorithm change titled Google’s Got a Brand New Bag. Should help you sort fact from the delirios fiction running wild out there.

Great news from Google Webmaster Tools. They have revamped the Site Errors Breakdown reporting to give you a better idea of exactly what the bots find on your site that isn’t working properly.

Nice guest post on Social Mouths by Evan Bailyn on The Only SEO Strategy That Works (Cutting Through The Bullsh*t). No matter what SEO strategy you use, it always boils down to the same thing. Create great content that garners as many baclinks as possible.

More Tips

Stupid happy about this, and it’s about time! James Wedmore has a nice post on YouTube Custom Thumbnail Coming NOW!

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