Tips Tuesday and is Your Blog an Info Charity Site?

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! It’s tough to grow your business when all you can get to is what’s right in front of you. I’ve been taking a little time to work on my business instead of spending every minute working in my business. Same holds true for your website. When was the last time you had a good look at it as a viewer sees it? Do you know if it’s helping or hurting your business? I’ve been looking at ways to help folks improve their sites and want your opinion on the type of program that you’d be interested in having.

Would you rather have a one-on-one session with an expert and focus exclusively on your unique site and audience needs, or would you rather attend a mastermind group that focuses on certain site aspects and gives you pointers that you can apply to your site? The reason I’m asking is because the one-on-one sessions are far more expensive and I think seasoned site owners can benefit from small group meetings that are a little more general, but cost far less. Let me know what you would prefer and what type of program would help you best and I’ll set up an offer for that. Folks who comment get special treats!


You’ve got great free info on your blog that helps build your authority, but is it helping you convert what you know into sales? This is a nice post by Brad Shorr on Zemanta about How to Keep Your Blog from Being an Information Charity.

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WordPress Plugins

Sexy Bookmarks is changing everything. Even their old website links don’t work. Here’s the new one. It looks like they removed the plugin from the repository and have folks registering to download widget code. But that’s not the same code as the one that goes below your posts and pages. They have a link to their plugin, which is what you want, but it goes back to the repository and is not there either. So, they must be updating that as well. I’ll keep on top of it and let everyone know about the latest changes. Thanks to LouAnn for catching this and letting me know!

Fast and Secure Contact Form was recently updated again this week. I believe this makes about ten updates since WP 3.3 came out. It looks like it might all be stable now, but I’ll keep you posted.

WordPress Tips

Does your site have a favicon? This is a nice post on Spotted Koi about Favicons – why Something so Small is Important.

Blog Tips

Want to go from blogger to published author? Here’s how Jeff Goins did it in record time.

Have you ever left a wordy comment on someone else’s blog that gave you an idea for a post? Me too. You’ll enjoy this post from Sarah Arrow on By Bloggers for Bloggers about Blog Posts that Start Life as Something Different.

SEO Tips

What Google’s going after now – You’ve heard pro bloggers advise that the content above the fold (before folks have to scroll down your page) is the most valuable screen real estate on your site. Now Google agrees and is going after sites that fill that space with too much advertising. They want to ensure that the seeker’s experience is finding relative content, not a bunch of ads. Here’s the word from the horse’s mouth on Google’s new Page Layout Alogrithm.

Social Media Tips

SM Peg Fitzpatrick may just tip me toward actually doing this with her guest post on V3 for Maximizing StumbleUpon for Your Content Sharing Strategy.

The Facebook Timeline is about to be mandatory. Here’s a good post from CopyBlogger with easy steps to setup your Facebook Timeline.

Rumor has it that Timeline will start rolling out to business pages by the end of February. Personally, I resent that Facebook requires me to spend so much time and money revamping my profiles to keep up with all of their changes, especially when that platform has been so randomly unstable since last summer. More importantly, none of these changes has resulted in better ROI. In fact, it’s gone down. How do you feel about all of the improvements Facebook has made in the past year? Have any of them helped your business?

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  1. says

    Great headline. It drew me in, and got me thinking. Yes, my blog has been a charity site, and not very effective at fundraising. I am embracing visibility and making more direct offers.

    And FYI, I am going to start adding video. Camera arrived on my doorstep tonight. Thanks for all you do, MaAnna!

  2. says

    All of this great info just solidifies my desire to do a redo of my site. I’m currently in a training program that offers a ‘free’ website to its students, but gosh, if you’re kind of embarrassed to send anyone there, what’s the point? AND the info above on SEO really helps, as my ‘free’ site features pictures that take up all the above-the-fold space with no benefit to the visitor. Thanks, MaAnna. You always inspire me to reach further.

    • BlogAid says

      Steph, so glad the info is helpful. I redo my sites about every 18 months or so because online marketing trends change and so does my business. Right now I’m looking into responsive designs that auto-detect the device on which they are being read and adjust to fit. It’s a tricky thing to do since I have videos and such, but that’s the way things are going and will eventually become the standard I believe.