Tips Tuesday and How to Use Year End to Get More Traffic

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! In this week’s tips you’ll find several plugins that have recently been updated and new ones you’ll want to check out. Plus, a follow up on one I told you I’d try. Oh, and I updated the free report on How to Backup Your WordPress Site so be sure to download a fresh copy. You’ll need it to ensure your site is ready for the WordPress 3.3 upgrade.

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The end of the year is quickly approaching and that’s great for your site. Check out this nice post by Marco Saric on How to Make My Blog for How to Use the Year End to Grow Your Blog Traffic and Subscribers.

WordPress Plugins

Recently Updated

The TinyMCE Advanced plugin has been recently updated and this is one of my fave must-have plugins. It’s an advanced text editor that gives you so many more formatting options than the default editor that comes with WordPress. If you want to know how to properly set this plugin up and get the most out of it, see the Short Course video tutorial.

Fast and Secure Contact Form has been recently updated. If you need help setting this form up, see the Short Course video tutorial.

I’ve been using the Broken Link Checker plugin on BlogAid for about a month. It places a notification on your Dashboard and a circle with a number in it in your Tools sublink. It is a great little plugin and even sends you an email to let you know when it has found something.

Plugins to Check Out

Want to add an Events calendar to your site? Here are two plugins you should check out. Ajax Event Calendar and the All In One Event Calendar.

WP Cleanup plugin

Last week in Tips Tuesday I told you that I would be checking out the Revision Cleaner plugin. Well, scratch it off the list. Gave me an error the first time I used it. Not to mention that setting the interval is a bit of a guessing game. For now I’ll be sticking with the WP-Cleanup plugin. To the left is a screenshot of it.

I know it’s hard to see the table below, but it includes details on what all of the colors in the pie chart show. The darkest blue is good data. The next big chunk represents all of the revisions I allowed to pile up so I could test the new plugin. The table below also allows you to select exactly the files that you want to clean up. There is only one thing I don’t like about this plugin. There is no way to automate it so that revisions don’t pile up in the first place that you have to remember to manually delete. If you’re using a revisions plugin that works well, leave a comment here and let us know.

Blog Tips

Practicing this for so many years has made me a better writer, speaker, and teacher. Blogging like you Speak vs Blogging Conversationally.

You’ve heard the axiom, “Know thyself.” in online marketing success, it’s, “Know thy audience” as attested to in Pawel Reszka’s guest post on Successful and Outstanding Bloggers about Motivational Triggers: Ninja Secrets to Increasing Conversions.

This is good, but I’m not sure the title is correct. Yes, it tells how to avoid duplicate content penalties, but be sure to see the lower half for a list of ways to get tons of extra mileage from the very same article. Dealing with Google’s Duplicate Content Penalties Without Doubling Your Workload.

Interesting post on Why You Shouldn’t Strive to Become Another Viral YouTube Partner. They also cite a case couple of real-world case studies to back it up and the difference in a brand going video vs an individual.

Do you have an email newsletter? BlogAid does and I always give subscribers first dibs and sneak peeks on all specials and new stuff like video tutorials. This is a good post from John Jantsch on his Duct Tape Marketing blog with 5 Ways to Make an Email Newsletter Your Best Sales Tool.


If you’re a visually oriented person, you’ll enjoy this post on Vertical Measures with plenty of screenshots on the new Flow Visualization of Visitor and Conversion Reports in Google Analytics.

Right now you can elect to use either the old or new version of Google Analytics. But the old version of will turn off in January. Racheal Gerson has a nice post on Mashable Tech with lots of screenshots to help you get familiar with Google Analytics New Features and she urges that you go ahead and switch.

Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion, has a post you should do, not just read. It’s The Most Common Business Blogging and SEO Mistake in the World.  Pay attention to one thing in particular. Under the examples, Marcus shows you the rank of the long-tail keyword. It helps to know that first and then tailor your post to what folks are searching for in the first place.

If you’re just getting started with SEO, you’ll really appreciate this nice video from Don Campbell on Expand2Web on WordPress SEO for Beginners.

Social Media Tips

Run a non-profit? Shelly Kramer has a very nice post on V3 Integrated Marketing on How to Use Google+ for Your Nonprofit.

Have you seen folks with a Facebook biz page ask what seems like a silly question that is totally unrelated to their product, like what color shirt are you wearing? They get massive engagement on questions like that and it drives up their rankings. Here’s a post on Social Media Today titled The Question is the Answer: Social Media Content Defined that bears out why this strategy works.

The evidence is mounting and more folks are telling Why You Should Boycott Klout Now. And if that’s not enough to convince you, read Klout – My story of Why Opting Out was My Only Choice from Liz Strauss. And this one from Social Media Today to Delete Your Klout Profile Now.

Tech Tips

John J has an additional 5 Ways to Make the Incredibly Useful Dropbox Even More Useful in his Ducttape Marketing post.

Speaking of DropBox, I’ve updated the free report on How to Backup Your WordPress Site with details on limitations of using DropBox for your backup.

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