Tips Tuesday and How to Sell Downloads on Your Site

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! Got some great WordPress plugin news for you this week, and plenty of awesome blogging tips, plus the skinny on WordAds.

The release of WordPress 3.3 is immanent and the very first thing you need to do is back up your site. Gotta plan for that? Here you go: How to Backup Your WordPress Site. And, I’m updating video tuts like crazy. You can see a few on the Resources page and the rest are in the WordPress Video Tutorial courses.

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Do you want to sell digital media from your site? You can! See this great tutorial post on WPLift for How to Easily Sell Digital Downloads Using E-Junkie. It can handle affiliate commissions too.

WordPress Plugins

Recently Updated
My favorite rich text editor, TinyMCE Advanced, has recently been updated to stay compliant with the new features in WordPress, like the way it pulls in theme’s style sheet. That makes the editor look just like your theme, but only if your theme supports it. I’m hoping this will become a design standard in the near future because the text editor has always been the bane of WordPress, IMHO.

A while back on Tips Tuesday, I reported that I had tried a revision cleaner plugin and that it really sped up my site performance. But, I have to clear it manually. I’ve been waiting for it to build up again to try the Revision Cleaner plugin that does it automatically and lets you set the frequency. I’ll let you know how well it works.

Plugins to Check Out
Want an all-in-one way to include all of your social share options in your sidebar? Then check out this post on WPLift on How to Add a Mashable Style Social Sharing Box to WordPress.

Want an alternative to NextGen for a photo gallery plugin? Check out Photospace. And here’s an example of it used on a site created by Ria Von, who is the helpful designer who told me about this plugin.

Tool Tips

This may give SnagIt a run for its money as a new screen capture tool. Check out the little write up on CloudShot and how it interfaces with DropBox.

Blog Tips

Been reading reports on the new WordAds from all week. Should seriously confuse the heck out of new site owners. When most folks suggest getting a WordPress site, they mean the .org version where you pay for your own hosting. This new thing is on the .com version where hosting is free, but there are severe limitations on themes, plugins, and storage space. Plus, this is so they can run their ads, but you still can’t sell your products on your site. You share in the click-through revenue, but you have no control over what types of ads are shown. Read How WordPress Helps the Little Guy Make Money on Read Write Web, and be careful what you fall for. And here’s more info from WPTavern, Revenue Sharing Advertising Arrives on

Think all you need is that one big break? Jeff Goins tells The Truth about Going Viral with one of your blog posts.

We all want more conversions from our posts and pages. Telling the reader exactly what you want them to do next is a great way to do just that. Dana Lynn Smith has super tips on Simple Ways to Add a Call to Action to Blog Posts. Works great for pages too.

If you wonder whether you can use an image on your site or not, this post on Social Media Examiner will give you the answer. It’s about Copyright Fair Use and How it Works for Online Images.

All the time I see new site owners do the second item in this list of 11 Ways to Totally Screw up your Inbound Marketing
from Hubspot. Notice that three of the top four involve content.

Nice post by Mark Thompson on Stay on Search for How to Make Your Blog Immensely Popular.


Good tips here from The Internet Time Machine with an SEO Tip Sheet for New Websites. Notice how many of them involve content. This is exactly why BlogAid uses a proven method of training first, content second, and theme third. You’ll hit the SEO ground running when your new site launches.

If you’re a visual learner, then you’ll appreciate these 4 Graphics to Help Illustrate Onpage Optimization from the nice folks at SEOMoz.

Social Media Tips

I hate to see this happen because it means spam will return too, but there is no longer a penalty for using third-party apps to post on Facebook.  And, you’ll want to know about the new Buffer app that Twitter users have been raving about in this same post from Leo Widrich on Social Mouths.

The latest change to Facebook is to the photo album. Here’s a great step-by-step on Social Butterfly Solutions about how to make the most of the Facebook Photo Changes.

I’m liking it. YouTube Launches New and Improved Analytics.

Because the BlogAid YouTube Channel is a big referrer to my site, and because the trend is moving toward streaming instead of TV, I’m watching the news about YouTube’s makeover very closely.

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for including my post about Facebook’s recent changes to uploading photo albums! Have you heard how many people this has been rolled out to yet? The other day I was working with a client who doesn’t have this change yet! I know, I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s not the same for everyone…


    • BlogAid says

      Delighted to share the good stuff with my followers, Teresa. I believe the full rollout was delayed due to the lawsuit. Then, it started up again, and was delayed again. So, there are still lots of folks who don’t have it yet, but lots of folks who just got it and I know they found your info helpful. I’ll keep an eye out, as I know you will, for when the rollout resumes. Hoping you’ll share this info again then too.

  2. says

    Ola! Blogaid,
    On a similar note,, I’d like a site that is easy to offer instant download (eBay won’t allow this) and has high traffic. I’ll be selling tutorials, diy, art & craft elements, etc. TIA!
    I look forward to your next post