Tips Tuesday and Good News for Pretty Permalinks

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! I’m delighted to share links to helpful posts with you. And, I’m also tickled pink to tell that three new videos were just added to the WordPress Basics Video Tutorials class, bringing the total to 16. They are: Site Settings, Permalink Structure, and using the Media Library. There are already several videos in the Advanced class, with plenty more on the way!


Thrilled to read that WP 3.3 will finally eliminate the performance penalty for using the %/postname% permalink structure. This is the structure that makes for pretty permalinks and is very popular with site owners.

Tech Tips

One of the factors that ranks toward your SEO is page load time. By default, WordPress auto-saves multiple revisions of your posts and pages as you update. That can really slow down your load time. Here’s a nice post from the folks at WP Beginner on the Better Delete Revision plugin, which will remove the extreme redundancy of all those revisions. I’ve been using the WP-Cleanup plugin and have noticed a significant difference in page load time, but I think this new plugin may be a little better. Are you using it or a similar plugin? Leave a comment and let everyone know how it’s working for you.

Oliver Dale has a nice post on WP Lift about building a newsletter mailing list with reviews and advice on different services you may want to use. I use MailChimp for BlogAid News and I know a lot of folks who like Aweber too. What do you use?

Ready to include QR codes in your marketing? Cory Howell has a nice post on Stay on Search where you can learn the basics on QR codes and how they work.

I’m concerned about how quietly Google deprecated the API for Feedburner back in May. Let me explain all that geek-speak. An API is a bunch of code that a developer can use in his/her custom application, or app. Google purchased Feedburner a few years ago and in all that time only made a few minor upgrades to it. A LOT of internet marketers use FeedBurner to power their RSS feeds, including RSS email campaigns and such.

By May of 2011, Google had discontinued (deprecated) 18 of its APIs, including those for FeedBurner. I was hoping to hear more about it before reporting to you, but I’m betting there is some other RSS pot simmering on a backburner at Google, and I bet it will integrate with all of the other changes Google is making right now. So, keep your eyes open.

Yippie! StudioPress is the premium theme framework I recommend most often. They have recently introduced a Child Theme Marketplace. It’s about time. With so many good customizers, it’s great that they have a place to show off, and sell, their custom work.

Blog Tips

Everybody knows that keywords are important for good SEO. Matt McGee has an excellent post on Open Forum about where to place keywords on your site for maximum impact.

Do book reviews sell books? Oh, you betcha. Here’s a nice post from Dana Lynn Smith to tell you how and why you should get more reviews for your book.

Nick Usborne has a good post on Web Marketing Today about the 4 bad habits to avoid when writing web content.

Social Media Tips

There’s a box you need to uncheck on LinkedIn. Glad I did.

And if you’re wondering how things are going on LinkedIn these days, Matt Rhodes has a nice post on Social Media Today where he reports growth and future direction of LinkedIn.

If you were like me and held off including the Google +1 button on your site until you could see the benefit, now you’re out of excuses. One of my fave folks, John Jantsch wrote a nice post about the Google +1 button payoffs.

One of the news Google features you’ve probably been reading about is that it now includes your profile picture in search results of your original content. It’s a perk of your Google+ account. John has a post about why and how you need to do this author highlighting in search engine results. I plan to do this on BlogAid, but I’m hanging out until G+ allows business pages. In fact, I’ve been pretty quiet with my personal profile. How about you?

And here’s a nice post from one of my other fave folks, Mari Smith on what’s so exciting about Google+. It’s an overview and well worth the read.

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