Tips Tuesday and Get Your Site Ready for the New WordPress 3.4

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! Most U.S. folks celebrated Memorial Day yesterday, which makes Tuesday the new Monday. Now we’ll never figure out what day it is this week. The first WordPress 3.4 Release Candidate  is now available. This is the phase in between the beta testing and the official release, meaning that it won’t be long now. Is your site ready to upgrade? How’s your backup? If you want some peace of mind about your site, get the 20 Point Site Inspection and Tune Up. Extended hours are available this week.

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WordPress Tips

Thinking of redesigning your site or want to know if it measures up to current browser standards? Tom Ewer has a nice post on The Truth About Browser Compatibility, and What You Need To Do over on I was happy to see a list of current popular screen sizes. And, he gives you easy ways to see what your viewers are using.

WordPress Plugins

Loved this post from Tom Ewer on about one of the new features on the revamp of the free WordPress plugins repository, which is a way to check on how well supported the plugin is. Read Free Plugin Support – How to Know Who is There to Help for a balanced take on what the numbers mean and the sometimes unrealistic expectations of what plugin users demand related to something that they never paid a dime for, and probably never will.

The links below are to the plugin developer’s page, but you can find most if not all of these plugins in the WordPress plugins repository.

Recently Updated
The Backup to Dropbox plugin was recently updated with a major overhaul. I’m going to be checking into this to see how it well it works. I’ll also be in touch with the developer to see how he’s now getting around the transfer limit that Dropbox imposes.

Redirection is the best plugin for redirecting folks from one site to another. I use it in the main nav of BlogAid to send folks from the main site to the WordPress video tutorials and vice versa.

If you moved from to a self-hosted site, you may have taken Jetpack with you, which was recently updated. It was great on the version because they limited the 3rd party plugins that you could use. But, honestly, now that you’re in control of your site, get the individual plugins that do a better job.

Plugins to Check Out
Google+ is playing a bigger role in your site rank these days. And, it’s especially important since the Penguin update to let Google know that you are the original author of a post. There are a lot of was to accomplish both of these tasks. One is by using the AuthorSure plugin.

NOTE: Before you install this or any similar plugin, check to see if something on your site setup is already providing this service, such as your theme’s built-in author resource box, the theme’s SEO functions, or an SEO plugin you already have. If you don’t know what your theme functions and plugins do, get the get the 20 Point Site Inspection and Tune Up and KNOW what’s going on under the hood of your site.

Blog Tips

Excellent advice from Michelle Linn on How to Make Content Marketing A Habit on the Content Marketing Institute blog.

This post on Blogging Tips is worth a read as it’s a balanced assessment of How Important Is a Strict Publishing Schedule for My Blog? There are a couple of links to other posts in there that you’ll want to read too.

Remember, no one relates solely to your website. They relate to the person writing it. Jeff Sexton’s spot on post, Content Marketing Requires a Point of View on Web Marketing Today does a great job of illustrating this point.

SEO Tips

This is exciting. Google Introduces Webmaster Academy. As the article states, “Webmaster Academy provides practical and easy-to-understand lessons for beginner webmasters to help you improve your site with topics like getting your site in our index, providing search engines with helpful information about your video and image content, and understanding Webmaster Tools features.”

I don’t know that I agree with all of the ideas given in this post on WPBeginner about what makes a theme SEO friendly or not. But I do agree with the conclusions that site owners should rely on plugins and on-page tactics for it instead, especially the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. Read for yourself Why WordPress Themes Should Not Have SEO Options and Why They Do and decide for yourself.

Site load speed counts with Google these days. Here are 8 Free Tools for Testing Website Speed from the nice folks at Web Design Ledger.

Do you know if you’ve been hit by the Penguin update? Here’s how to check and what to do if your search rankings were hurt from the nice folks at HubSpot.

Marketing Tips

I hope you take this seriously because it is spot on. A Marketing Secret That May Change What You Do Tomorrow. Every other day I’m helping someone clean up their site from going after all that glitters.

What Every Site Owner Should Know could save you hundreds of dollars and months of frustration. Free with subscription to BlogAid News.

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