Tips Tuesday and Evaluating Your End of Year Success

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! In this pre-holiday tips sheet, you’ll find a bunch of goodies under the virtual tree and a new section on WordPress Tips. Also want to let you know about a special I’ll be running next week to help you get your site on a solid foundation. Look for it in tomorrow’s post. (By the way, my newsletter subscribers got first dibs on appointments. Are you a subscriber yet?)

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We’re coming to year’s end and that’s a good time to review how you’ve done online. I really appreciate this post from Sydni Craig-Hart on her Smart Simple Marketing blog on Evaluating your End of Year Success. It has links to several worksheets you can download that will help you get a fair and balanced picture of your successes and how you got there, plus ways to learn from what could use a bit of tweaking.

WordPress Plugins

Included recently updated and plugins to check out, plus news on the plugins I’m trying.

Recently Updated
The new text editor can be accessed by anything now, so expect to see plugins with widgets making more use of it.

Shortly after the release of WordPress 3.3, bunches of plugins were updated, including TinyMCE Advanced.

And the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin was updated too. It is one of my faves. IMHO it’s far better than the All in One SEO plugin. If you want to switch, there’s an easy way to import your AIO settings. But honestly, this plugin offers so much more, you’ll want to review all the settings to take full advantage of the features. It really has made a difference to my SEO.

Plugins to Check Out
In last week’s Tips Tuesday I told you about a revision plugin that had a whale fail the first time I tried it, so I went back to my tried and true WP-Cleaner plugin. I recently found the Revision Control plugin and I’m going to give it a try. Will let you know how it works.

Media File Manager allows you to easily make subfolders for your images, which is great for SEO if the images tell the story on your site, like photography site. However, this is overkill for typical site users. There are recent reports of this plugin not working on older versions of PHP, which WordPress is no longer supporting anyway, so no worries.

WordPress Tips

I use Amazon Simple Storage Service, or AS3 as it’s known, to store the WordPress Video tutorials for the BlogAid video courses. If you have ever wondered what cloud computing is, in particular AS3, then you’ll want to read integrating Amazon S3 with WordPress by Sameer Borate on Smashing Magazine. It’s a great article, but I still don’t understand the pricing structure.

Blog Tips

Super post by Vail Joy on Web Designer Depot on how to Optimize Your Blog RSS Feed. And, she cites two of my fave tools, which are Feedburner and the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

Need to increase your site conversions? Then you’ll enjoy Todd Follansbee’s post on 6 Quick Ways to Increase Conversions. Be sure to read #4 to see what 47% of visitors measure to make decisions about site credibility.

Verticle Measures has a nice post on Link Building – The First 90 Days. I haven’t really tried article marketing and press releases for BlogAid, although I’ve had good experience with them on other sites, but that was pre-Panda. Do you use either of those tactics with success?

I’m delighted to say that I can answer yes to this question asked by Pat Flynn on his Smart Passive Income blog. Are You Giving Instant Results? You Should, and Here’s Why. One way I do it is through quick WordPress video tutorials. How do you give instant results on your site?

Not sure Gerald Weber’s post on Social Media Today is titled correctly as Is Blogging a Waste of Content? because it’s the blog posts that are creating the content for the thing he’s advocating, which are more Resource Pages.


Seo Here are 10 Affordable Search Engine Optimization Tips from Lisa Mavridis on List Eruption. They are in the order that works best. The problem is, most folks don’t do the very first one.

According to Yoast, sites don’t rank, pages do. His advice is Using Cornerstone Content to make your Site Rank. By the way, ProBlogger, Darren Rowse calls this “pillar content” and tells you how to create it in his First Week of Blogging book.

Social Media Tips

Facebook has a new Subscribe button for your website. The problem is that it has nothing to do with your Facebook business page or your website. It let’s folks subscribe to your personal profile, and only if you’re already friends. Not seeing the point in this and won’t be using it.

Facebook is also running a trial on private messaging for biz pages. Personal profiles already have this. I’m hoping they release it. I see it as another call-to-action button. When folks see something I post and want to contact me for a service, they can without having to look for any other contact link. However, I’m wondering if this will be abused by spammers and/or make it tough on page owners to keep up with threads, like they can do when someone emails them through their site.

If you’re confused about the difference in a Follow and Share button, you’re not alone. Getting the right social media buttons on your site is essential. Here’s a nice overview from the folks at HubSpot with The Ultimate cheat Sheet for Creating Social Media Buttons.

Now that you have the new Facebook Timeline, here’s how to optimize it. See the Facebook Timeline Guide from Mashable.

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