Tips Tuesday and Choosing a Theme that Enhances Your Content

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! This week’s tips include a look at email services and bunches of blogging tips that are spot on. And, before we get to the tips, I want to let you know about several new offerings on BlogAid. Have you seen the new Video Tutorials site? Scroll down to the new Short Courses that are quick, focused tutorials on specific topics. Now you can get the training you need on your schedule!

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I can’t stress this enough, especially to new and wanna be site owners. Choose a theme that enhances your content, not one that competes for the viewr’s attention. Here’s a great post from Brad Shorr on Six Revisions with 7 Blog Design Tips from a Content Strategist.

Tech Tips

This is a good comparison of MailChimp and Aweber auotresponder services by Jane Sheeba on Pro Blogging Success. One thing it doesn’t mention is that MailChimp free version no longer includes autoresponders for folks who signed up after this past summer. If you’re curious, I use MailChimp because most of my clients do and because I don’t send affiliate links in my newsletters.

Blog Tips

I coulda, shoulda, woulda written this post. Kudos to Kipp Bodnar for saying it like it is on Hubspot. 5 Marketing Tactics that Don’t Matter.

The Savvy Book Marketer, Dana Lynn Smith asks, What’s the Most Important Thing on an Author’s Website? You may surprised at the answer.

Want A Quick Guide to Writing Great Blog Posts for Businesses? Here ‘tis. Thanks, Kristi Hines!

This is another nice post on Vertical Measures from Arnie Kuenn on 5 Storytelling Tips to Create Engaging Content. And, if you haven’t already viewed the video at the end on The Power of Words, it’s a must see.

Good post on things to avoid with content marketing that I see so many bloggers fall prey to. Pay special attention to the last one.

Jeff Goins explains why you need to Write Every Day. Years ago, I found this same type of advice to be helpful when I was in the music business and carried that discipline into all my other businesses. It works.

Social Media Tips

SocialMediaToday has a nice three-part series on getting started with social media and developing a viable strategy.

Are you this person? I call them “Talking Billboards.” Check out Daniel Smith post on Problogger, Are You the Friend Who Never Shuts Up?

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