Tips Tuesday and All But Done with Twitter

Tips TuesdayHello Happy Site Owners! This week’s tips include a review of WordPress premium theme frameworks, plugins, plugins, and plugins. Plus, how super blogger Kristi Hines writes her posts, and something you just have to read from author Jeff Goins about building your platform.


I’m probably going to get as much flack for this as the original author, Mark Schaefer, but it’s what I’ve thought of Twitter for the last year or so. I was an early adopter and loved it. But now, IMHO, it’s an echo chamber and spam haven.

Folks who started accounts more than two years ago are still doing well. But, folks who started accounts since, not so much.

In Twitter is Dying – and it’s all Your Fault, Schaefer shares what he thinks Twitter should do about the problem and it’s a little more drastic than the steps Facebook took on this matter, but in the same vein.

What do you think of Schaefer’s idea? How is Twitter working for you, and how long have you had your account?

Tech Tips

As an old coder, my premium theme framework of choice is StudioPress, hands down. But, several bloggers I respect run on Thesis. So, you know I was highly interested in reading this guest post on by Kristi Hines titled Thesis vs Genesis – Comparing Premium WordPress Themes.

Do you use plugins on your WordPress site? Of course you do, so you’ll definitely want to read the comment thread on this WPCandy post, Active Plugin Counts Just Don’t Matter. It gives you the skinny from the perspective of plugin and theme developers, plus those who help clients troubleshoot plugin conflicts.

And, here’s another post by James Huff on the WeblogToolsCollection site that’s along the same lines, titled Do You Really Need All of Those Plugins? One thing to notice in this post is that they don’t mention whether they are on shared or dedicated hosting. That could make a big difference.

The Google Sitemap Generator plugin has recently been updated. If you’re premium theme offers a sitemap, use it. But if not, this could be just the plugin you need to help Google index your site better.

Blog Tips

Wouldn’t you like to write posts like super blogger, Kristi Hines? Well, now maybe you can. In her guest post on Income Diary, she details her process on Creating a Successful Blog Post from Idea to Promotion.

And, I saw this on Kristi Hines’ Fetching Friday post on her own site Kikolani, which is a great weekly round up of helpful links. This is from Amy Porterfield and is the first of a series on 6 Steps to Instantly Connect with Your Blog Readers.

This is a fantastic post by author Jeff Goins on Why Buiding Your own Platform is Essential, including what it is and how you need to do it. It works for everybody who wants to make the most of online promotion.

Here’s a bevy of delicious tips from Kalia Strong on Vertical Measures for The Best Headline Writing and Title Optimization Tips of All Time. They’re spot on.

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