Taking an SEO Tip Trip for Higher Rankings

I took a little surfing trip while investigating an SEO tip today. I started with this post from Stanford Smith, The Lazy Blogger’s Guide to Effective Blog SEO, which had a link on creating Hub Pages that lead me to this post on QuickSprout about How to Design Your Blog for Awesome SEO. And, that post had the link to the original Hub Page example on ProBlogger’s archive page (except his link didn’t go to the actual archive page, this one does). Come along with me a moment and I’ll show you what else I found.

Seek and Not Find

Problem is, I still didn’t find out how to create that archive Hub Page look. So, I Googled it and came up with this page on a phenomena known as ASMR. It was just too odd not to read, and then I realized that I know leading scientists who do research on this kind of thing. I even wrote about a few of them in my book.

I returned to the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and at the bottom was The Lazy Blogger’s Guide that started this trek. So, now this trip was  bringing new meaning to Google Circles!

Hub Page Services

Undeterred, I resumed my trek and discovered there are several sites and services where you can create a Hub Page and share it, such as

Higher Google Rankings

I even found a post on Famous Bloggers about why you should create one of these publicly viewable Hub Pages, not the least of which is that Google ranks them so highly.

Then it dawned on me that Pinterest offers much the same SEO value, just in a slightly different way.

Custom Archive Pages

After several SERPs of similar posts, I began searching for custom archive pages instead. There are plenty of tutorials on how to code one up. That’s on my to do list now. And, as usual, most sites that post coding tips never show you what the finished example looks like before you start. Sigh. I love jigsaw puzzles, but prefer to have the benefit of the box top to see if it’s one I want to spend time on first.

SEO for Now

BlogAid has an XML Site map thanks to Yoast’s super duper WordPress SEO plugin. So, I’ll be leaving it at that for this type of SEO juice for now. But I sure do like the look of that ProBlogger archives page.

How About You?

Do you have a custom archives page? How about an XML Site Map? Are you using any of the Hub Page services?

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