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Update: The Google Analyticator plugin is working again as of Sept. 17, 2012. See the BlogAid vid tut Google Analyticator Plugin Installation for how to install fresh or switch from the Google Analytics plugin by Yoast. This video is still good for switching from Google Analyticator to Google Analytics plugin, though.

WP video tutorialThe Google Analyticator plugin is no longer providing an a snapshot in the dashboard and now states a “no analytics account selected” error. There is nothing wrong with your authentication. The new Google API is at fault. Here’s what you can do about it, including how to switch to a better plugin, which is the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin by Yoast.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the Google Analyticator plugin was the nice little analytics module it placed in the Dashboard. Even though the stats were a day old, it was a great way to get a quick snapshot of visitors to your site. My clients really enjoyed watching their numbers climb there too.

The reason the plugin now gives an error is because Google recently changed the API that reports data back to the plugin. Now, you’re analytics are still being tracked and reported to Google. It’s just that the new API doesn’t allow them to report that data back to the dashboard module.

Unfortunately, the developer, Ronald Heft, has decided that he doesn’t have time to re-engineer the plugin and is saying goodbye in his latest blog post. Rumor has it that Ronald is talking with another developer company about buying the rights to his plugin, but it may be a while before we see a fix.

There are about 10 plugins to help you track analytics code, including one from MailChimp if you use that email service. But, I believe the best one is the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin by Joost deValk.

Watch this short video to see how to properly switch to the new plugin and never miss a beat with your analytics.

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    Hi MaAnna, thanks for the heads up on this. I know a lot of my blogging buddies are using Google Analyticator and this info will be useful for them. I’m using the JetPack “lite” plugin to see a quick run down of which posts are getting traffic on a given day and which sites are sending traffic. It’s a handy snapshot of activity and I’ll know if I need to post something on Facebook or get some retweets. The Yoast plugin is awesome and one day, I’ll dig into the more advance settings. :)

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    MaAnaa, you know, I thought I was the only one! But it’s time I delete the old Analycator plugin and put yoast on the list! Thanks for the heads up! Cheers

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      I had been doing some work on the back end of the site and thought maybe there was a plugin conflict at first too. But, after a couple of days dug around and found Ron’s blog post, so decided it was time to switch.

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    The developer of Google Analyticator says that someone else is taking over the Analyticator project and that there should be an announcement this week sometime! I tried Joost’s plugin but it also gave me errors and I really want the stats in the Dashboard to come back if possible. So, I’ve uninstalled Joost’s plugin on all of my websites and re-installed Google Analyticator (since it still tracks my traffic, just doesn’t display in the dashboard) while I await the udpate. – Watch the comments here for updates. Also, check the main page of his blog @

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    Hi Marianna,

    I followed all your instructions, step by step, but I get an empty square (dotted line) in my Dashboard page, without the Google Analytics graphic. What went wrong? I can send you a capture of the page if you wish.


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      Sandra, as stated in the video, there is no other plugin that gives you info in your Dashboard, so that is why you are getting the dotted line. However, just heard that Google Analyticator is back up and running since the new developers took over. I’ll be checking it out today and making a new vid tut soon.

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        You’re welcome! Analyticator is indeed up and running (on 7 sites for me). Slightly different authentication process but still easy and looks like the same Settings screen.