Tips Tuesday – Membership Conversion, Free WordPress Support

BlogAid Tips Tuesday 052615

Hello Happy Site Owners! Welcome to the BlogAid Tips Tuesday Podcast for May 26, 2015 and I’m your host MaAnna.

Tips this week include:

– Webmaster Training library completed
– WordPress Care and Feeding HOA
– what happens when you write out of character
– Automattic buying up Woocommerce
– a cache setting to check for mobile theme users
– Google Webmaster Tools is now Google Search Console
– the one thing I found online responsive testers failed to do correctly
– membership vs. courseware sites
– membership conversion and retention case study
– changes to credit cards that will affect membership subscription services

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BlogAid Happenings

I am jumping up and down happy. There are some very exciting things happening around here to tell you about.

Webmaster Training Videos Complete

Woohoo!!! I have some great news to share with you. All 76 videos in the Webmaster Training Video Library are complete.

I am so stoked about this. It is by far the most comprehensive webmaster training you can find online.

If you set up or maintain sites for yourself or clients, this is the info you need to know to keep those sites safe and performing at max, including the SEO.

And, now that it’s finished, I’ll be adding it to other course sites like Udemy, but, they will be four standalone levels.

The only place you can get Level 5, that includes all 4 levels and quarterly webinars, and exclusive bonus case studies is on my member site. And, it’s less expensive than purchasing each Level separately.

And the best part is, having this skill set puts you far above most others in your niche and you can charge more for your services because you bring so much more to the table.

So, well worth the investment.


Midweek Zap – WordPress: Care & Feeding

And, I’m so stoked about joining +Zara Altair on her Midweek Zap show tomorrow, which is Wednesday, May 27.

We’ll be taking questions live too, so come join us for a little free support and a whole lot of fun!


Do Mystique Headlines Work?

As y’all know, I’m in a four-month long challenge by +Denise Wakeman.

And we had a micro challenge that was a little off topic from list building, which was to try a mystique headline that enticed readers to want to know more. So, I thought I’d be clever and combine the assignment for the challenge, which was to write a post promoting our free giveaway, and this micro-challenge of an link-bait type headline.

Oh, what a whale fail I had with my attempt at it. The headline wasn’t the problem, it was the way I wrote the post.

It is the Top Misconfigrued Plugin that Kills Your Site

Y’all know how often I mention my products and services, like the Webmaster Training and site audits.  So, I’m not adverse to promoting what I make money on. (See what I did there?)

But this post was just devoid of the level of helpful tips I normally include too, and readers let me know about it, and why they couldn’t share the post.

To tell you the truth, it felt like sleazy marketing to me as I wrote it. And, went against my philosophy of no hype, all help.

So, it was worth trying, but lesson learned.

And several top marketers had to talk me out of just deleting it and rewriting it instead, which is what I did. So, if you received the RSS to email feed of it, go have another look. It’s way better now.

Featured Image with Summary in RSS Feed

And speaking of RSS to email, woohoo, I’m stoked about this too. During this challenge, I’ve been getting all of my email list related ducks in a row, which feels great. And I’ve been tweaking on my email template quite a bit, especially on the one for my carving site Heartwood Art.

Well, I found out that WordPress does not natively support sending the featured image with a post summary. And I’ve been on the hunt to figure out how to do that.

Yesterday, I successfully sent an email with almost everything tweaked just right. So, I have one tweak left and I’ll have a blog post for you on all that was required to get this to work. It’s involved, but not hard, and I’ll take you through all of the steps in that post.

That’s all the news happening around here.
Let’s jump into this week’s tips from around the ‘net.


Automattic Acquires WooCommerce

The super big WordPress news from last week was Automattic, the folks who provide WordPress and run, purchased WooCommerce.

+Sarah Gooding has a nice post on WP Tavern about the buyout and what may be in store, literally for the future of Woo and changes to

Now, before you start thinking, hey, I can get hosting for free and set up shop, hold your horses. You still can’t sell things on a site.

But in Feb. 2014, Business users could, and that’s anything but free. It’s $299/yr. You get a lot of things with it, including integration to third party e-commerce sites like Shopify.

So, it looks like sometime in the future, those biz accounts will be able to integrate Woocommerce directly on their site. Personally, I think if you’re at the level of wanting to make money from an online store, you would actually come out cheaper doing it on your own, self-hosted site. The Business level never made a lot of sense to me, but I guess it does to enough folks to make Automattic want to spend more money on it.


Proposed Password Changes for WordPress 4.3

This should have been done a long time ago. A proposed change in the WordPress 4.3 release they are currently working on addresses making strong passwords mandatory.

Now if we could just get them to care about leaking the username. Yep, half of your login is super easy for a hacker, or anyone, to get. And I have yet to find a developer that thinks that is any big deal.

Mobile Tips

Digital Marketing Classroom with Professor Enge

+Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting has introduced a new series with some nice digital marketing and SEO tips and techniques.

So far they include:

Now, that last one caught my attention because varying the header is setup by local caching plugins and perhaps can affect sites that have a separate mobile version. Being able to vary the header helps it detect the device that is requesting the web page so it can deliver the right flavor of it.

I’ll let you know what I find out about this.

SEO Tips

Google Webmaster Tools is Now Google Search Console

Google’s +John Mueller announced last week that GWT has a new name. Really? Why?

He says that the term webmaster is too exclusionary for all the types of folks that use it.

I think Google’s got too much time on their hands. The rock star Prince had a better reason for going with a symbol instead of a name.

There are probably billions of references online to Google Webmaster Tools. So, I think it will take a very long time for folks to latch on to this, and like folks introducing Prince during his nameless period, we’ll probably be saying stuff like, “Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools” for a long time, if we bother to switch over at all.


How to Test Your WordPress Website for Responsive Design

We all know that our site needs to render properly on mobile because it’s not only a ranking factor for Google now, but more and more site surfers demand it.

Tom Ewer has a nice post on Elegant Themes with several mobile emulator sites so you can see how your site looks on multiple devices.

I ran one of my client’s sites through them and none, not a single one, picked up her mobile theme that is in addition to her responsive design.

So, these emulators work pretty well if you’re only using a responsive theme, and not a separate mobile theme. If you’re doing the latter, you need to check it on a real cell phone because that’s the only way you’ll ever see how it actually looks.

Member Site Tips

Membership vs Courseware

I’m helping two clients right now build out their membership sites. And both of them want to include elements that are usually found in courseware.

Membership sites and courseware are two different animals, with two different goals and functions. But they can be combined.

I’ll be writing more blog posts on this topic and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes with these two sites too, plus how they help my clients make more money.


Big Marketing Lessons To Learn From Tidal

In the meantime, I want to invite you to read this most excellent post from +Andrea Jones about membership site acquisition and retention. Honestly this is what it’s all about folks. Without members and promoting to them, and converting them, it really doesn’t matter how spectacular your content is.

Andrea takes an in-depth look at her experience with the release of a new Beyonce streaming service called Tidal. It gave me a lot of ideas about how to promote my own member sites, and to think about it from the perspective of the member’s experience through the entire process. That’s super important.

Well worth your time to read this post, even if you don’t run a member site because conversion and user experience is the name of the online game for every site.


Running a subscription service? Don’t make this mistake

And if you run a subscription type member site, you’ll definitely want to jump over to Chris Lema’s blog and have a peek at what’s in store in the near future for taking credit cards for those subscriptions. And, he explains all about churn. If you don’t know what that term means, you most definitely want to read this post to find out.

Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for this week’s Tips Tuesday.

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Tips Tuesday – Google Guideline Tester, Robots.txt Security Issue

BlogAid Tips Tuesday 051915

Hello Happy Site Owners! Welcome to the BlogAid Tips Tuesday Podcast for May 19, 2015 and I’m your host MaAnna.

Tips this week include:

– a complete rewrite on a must-have, must-read book every site owner needs
– fun at WordCamp Nashville
– new plugin for events
– new contact form plugin
– new Webmaster Training videos
– why your outdated site is costing you
– Google Guideline Tester
– robots.txt causing a security issue
– roundup of creating great visual content
– sending summary with featured image via RSS to email

Listen to the podcast

BlogAid Happenings

What Every Site Owner Should Know – Updated for 2015

I’ve completely rewritten the must-have, must-read ebook that comes with subscription to BlogAid News.

If you’re a subscriber, check your emails because you’ve gotten a new copy.

It’s been expanded from 16 to 43 pages too, and covers every topic that a website owner needs to know about to run a successful site.

Doesn’t matter how long you’ve had a site. You need to read through this book and ensure you’re up to speed with getting and keeping your site on a solid foundation.


Fun at WordCamp Nashville

This past weekend I volunteered at WordCamp Nashville and as always, met up with some really great folks including clients, colleagues, and vendors, and I’ll tell you about two new plugins from those vendors in a moment.

You can see a neat collage of pix from the day on my G+ profile.


Time for Revival

I’m in +Denise Wakeman’s current 30 day challenge and this month is all about getting more visibility via your email list. I was already rewriting the free ebook, and needed to simplify the opt-in. Both of those things have been sitting on me for the past six months.

This challenge is just what I needed, along with a little slowdown in client work, to help me just put butt in seat and work on it until it was done.

It’s been like going to revival and getting all revved up again to grow my business. And it’s so nice to do it with a group too.

The full challenge runs through August and each month has a different focus. So, I’m really looking forward to these challenges helping me get more visibility on all fronts.

New Webmaster Training Videos

And wouldn’t you know it. Just a few weeks ago I finished up the videos for connecting your site to CloudFlare and getting it all configured. And then they went and completely changed the user interface. I don’t mean a little. I mean entirely.

So, now I’m in the process of remaking those videos.

And, I’m still making the W3TC videos too, actually, I’m still writing the scripts. And as much as that changes too, I believe that I’m going to make a video overview of all the sections, and then make two docs to download. One will have full screenshots of all the settings, and then the other will be a cheat sheet that will help webmasters set this plugin up very quickly.

A video of every setting might just be too much, even if I break them up into several videos like I did for the WordPress SEO plugin. It has 7 videos on all of the settings, and that one needs it to help explain the options on some settings to maximize SEO on your unique site.

Those videos are also available in the WordPress | SEO | Genesis Library that includes the full SEO course. You can take it as a standalone course, or get it in the VIP level, which is all videos for life.

BlogAid Site Revamp

As y’all know, I’m also in the middle of a total revamp of the BlogAid site. I’m doing a deep site audit and revamp of core pages. They are looking really good on the new theme that +Cyndi Papia is designing.

Nothing stays the same for long in this industry. I invite you to take a good look at your site.

  • Is the theme looking tired? Or maybe it’s not HTML5 compliant.
  • Do you have outdated info on the site?
  • Are your sidebar offers working for you?
  • Have you updated your security lately?
  • How does your site look on mobile?

No matter how busy you are, not taking the time to keep your site fresh is costing you money. So, the ROI is definitely there and it’s worth it to carve out the time and make it happen.

I’m here to help if you want a site audit or even just a live site review. Having someone with a qualified set of eyes in your corner really makes the whole thing go a lot easier.

That’s all the news from around here.
Let’s dive into this week’s tips.



At WordCamp Nashville, I had a great conversation with the nice ladies from EventAppi. They’ve come up with something that doesn’t take as much of a fee as many of the other event plugins/services. And, it’s not ugly like so many of the calendar/event plugins either.

And the best part is, it’s scalable. So, it can handle little events all the way up to mega events.

I’m going to have to put this one on my plugins to review list and will keep you updated on results.


Ninja Forms

At WordCamp Nashville, I also had a super conversation with the nice guys from Ninja Forms. I’ve been using and recommending Contact Form 7 for a lot of years now. And talking with these guys for a little while has certainly piqued my interest in giving Ninja Forms a good test.

Plus, I see a several folks in my developer and designer and WordPress groups recommend it often.

I hope you’ll leave a comment for us if you use Ninja Forms and let us know what you like about it too.

And I’ll keep you posted on how my tests of it turn out.

SEO Tips

Google Guideline Testers

Does your site meet Google’s Guidelines? The Feed The Bot Site has a whole bunch of testers and info for you to run your site through. I ran a few pages on BlogAid through several of the tests and you have to take a few of the results with a grain of salt.

But, I found most of them accurate, and this will definitely be a big help to folks who have no idea how well or terrible their site is doing. But, like most testers, I’m betting end users won’t be able to figure out how to correct the problems found.

And that’s why I offer site audits with live chats so that you do fully understand what’s going on with your site and exactly what it’s going to take to fix it.


Robots.txt Security Issues

What’s in your robots.txt file? Did you know that even the comment lines could be telling hackers exactly where to look for your most precious content? I didn’t know that either.

+Joshua Berg snagged a sweet find of a post straight from Google’s own John Mueller with the skinny on how a hacker uses your robots.txt to break into your site. Well work a read.


Bots outnumber human traffic

+Ana Hoffman also snatched up an interesting piece of news about the increase in bot traffic this past year. And it covers the good, bad, and ugly bots too. As she says, we really do live in the Matrix and we’re outnumbered 2:1.

Content Marketing Tips

Visual Strategy Saturday

+Andrea Beltrami has a most excellent round up on G+ of several super posts on creating and using visuals in your content marketing and helping it get seen. I’m going to be watching for this roundup every weekend now because it’s just that good.


MailChimp summary with image plugin test

If you subscribe to my posts via email, I hope you’ve seen the effects of a new plugin I’m testing out. It’s to send an image with the content summary in the RSS feed.

I’d sure appreciate your feedback on the change, and how the image showed up, or not, for you, especially if you read your email on a phone. Of course, I won’t even know if it works properly until after this post gets delivered, so this may very well turn into performance art.

When I get everything working the way I want it, I’ll write up a blog post with all of the details so you can do it too.

Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for this week’s Tips Tuesday.

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Tips Tuesday – Designing for Mobile, Better Conversion

BlogAid Tips Tuesday 150512

Hello Happy Site Owners! Welcome to the BlogAid Tips Tuesday Podcast for May 12, 2015 and I’m your host MaAnna.

Tips this week include:

– Big subscription changes to BlogAid News and Tips Tuesday
– W3TC plugin causing 403 errors, and how to check your site
– breadcrumbs – whether to use them on site or not
– 10 types of free content to give away
– a great Guide to the new Google+ Collections
– how to include images in RSS-to-email feed summary
– if share buttons are clicked on mobile or not
– how engagement leads to conversion
– whether or not your site needs a sidebar
– a top bar optin plugin
– new course for getting way more YouTube views
– making it easy for Google to crawl your site
– whether rel=author tag is still relevant or not

So let’s dive in.

Listen to the podcast.

[Read more…]

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Tips Tuesday – The Challenge of Taking Your Site and Business Up a Level

BlogAid Tips Tuesday 150505

Tips this week are all about the challenges of taking your site and business up a level. So let’s dive in. Listen to the podcast.

BlogAid Happenings

It’s been a slow site news week, thankfully. And this is the time of year that my client work starts slowing down too, which is also a blessing. I have steady enough work to pay the bills. But, what I really have is more time to work on my business instead of just in my business. And that’s the focus of this week’s tips. So let’s dive in.

A Website is Not Enough

It really doesn’t matter how great your website looks, or even how great your content is. If you don’t promote that content, it may never be found online. You can’t just build it and expect folks to visit. The web is far too crowded for that now.

+Denise Wakeman has a post that speaks directly to this point. I recommend you give it a read because it’s a good primer for the rest of the tips in this podcast.

Visibility Challenges

The 30 Day Online Visibility Challenge

+Denise Wakeman has been running a 30 day challenge repeatedly for the past several months. And lately, she has expanded the offer for a full 4 month program, with each month focused on a different area of visibility.

The current one starts May 11th and I jumped right in on the early bird special she has going to get in on this month’s focus, which is building your email list and making the most of it.

My main focus, though, remains on doing better with social media. I’m rebuilding from the ground up with all of my platforms. Y’all know that I’ve been struggling with this for all of this year. Well, I’m finally making some progress. I literally just had to carve out the time to make it happen myself. I can only work on it for just so long a day, but at the end of the week, I have something to show for the time.

And this visibility challenge runs right through my slow biz time, which is when I work on things like this. So, it’s a perfect fit.

There’s still time for you to get in on this offer. You’ll find the link in the show notes, and no, it isn’t an affiliate link. It’s just something I think you’ll benefit from.

$100k a Month Challenge

Denise is not the only one running a challenge. +Neil Patel of KISSmetrics is setting up a brand new site to see if he can turn it into a $100k/mo earner. You can see his latest post on his progress, or rather, a major setback he encountered.

But, the main thing I want to point out with this post is that he is testing his tactics.

It’s a nutrition site, which is something he has zero expertise in, and really has no passion for. In other words, he’s challenging himself to see if he can bring any niche site into a real money maker with tactics alone.

And he’s got the guerilla marketing background to make it happen.

Long Road vs Short Road to Making Money with Your Blog

There are two paths to take with monetizing a blog.

One is the long road. It requires building your audience organically via great content and social media activity.

Second is the short road. It requires a lot of sheer promotion. And that requires guerilla marketing tactics.

In Your Face Marketing

The first person I encountered six years ago who was using guerilla marketing tactics successfully was +Kathleen Gage.  Squeeze pages and in-your-face promotion was all the rage then. And she was already well established and using it brilliantly.

But, it was just not something I felt comfortable doing. And my business suffered because of it.

Relationship Marketing

Then, along came Facebook for business and +Mari Smith. She practically stumbled onto the power of relationship marketing. By just being helpful, and then being strategic, she became known as the Queen of Facebook.

She has since moved on to run an empire that caters to big business using social media successfully.

And to me, Mari exemplified a way I could promote my site, and business really started picking up for me.

Being Helpful

And then I met +Ileane Smith. To this day, she remains helpful. Just helpful. Nothing else. For years she has freely given away tips on just about everything you can imagine online.

Craft and Lifestyle Blogging

In the past year I met +Ann Drake who opened my eyes to a whole other world of bloggers who drive traffic to their site from blogging about their passion and fun things, like food and crafts and then lifestyles, like being a parent.

My Path

I’m looking at all of these people I admire and all that I have established for myself to this point. It’s a fork in the road moment for me and I’m choosing a new path.

That includes an overhaul of my site and promotional strategies. And both of those will impact my daily routine.

So, it’s way more than just a few tweaks on the site.

It’s about taking my business up another level.

What I’ve done to this point has taken me this far. But I’ve plateaued here. I’m ready for the next step.

And, I’ll be splitting my efforts between BlogAid and Heartwood Art, which is my wood carving site. They are very different projects and require different methods to make them successful. My hope is that all of it will increase my awareness, experience, and knowledge so that I can better serve a variety of clients that seek my help.

Theme Tips

How Adaptive Design Works (and How It Differs from Responsive)

In keeping with today’s focus, I want to share one last tip with you. And it’s something that has a direct impact on my site revamp choices right now, and should for you too.

How your site appears on cell phones could make or break a business. This goes way past Google’s latest perk of a mobile friendly stamp. It’s about revenue.

I’ve been a lone voice in the wilderness for two years about this and glad to see that more folks are starting to post about it.

For revenue, a responsive design is not enough. It has to be adaptive. This is one of the things we touched on in the Pinterest, Ads, and Mobile webinar with the new AdThrive mobile plugin.

This post on the Higher Visibility blog will help you at least understand the basic differences in a responsive design and one that is adaptive.

Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for this week’s Tips Tuesday.

I hope you’ll take a moment to drop in on my Google+ page too and leave a comment, or on the blog. I want to hear where you are on your site journey and what’s been a struggle for you, plus what’s helping you overcome it.

Be sure to visit for more helpful resources and I’ll see you online.

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Tammy Adams on the BlogAid Site Success Interview Series

Tammy Adams on the BlogAid Site Success Interview Series

Lifestyle blogger Tammy Adams joins the Successful Site Interview Series. Tammy has been online since 2008 and shares her story of what it takes to run a successful site, and the positive results she’s seen since her recent site audit. Listen now


[Read more…]

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Tips Tuesday – Automate Your Tasks, Multiple WordPress and Plugin Security Updates

BlogAid Tips Tuesday 150428

Hello Happy Site Owners! Welcome to the BlogAid Tips Tuesday Podcast for April 28 2015, and I’m your host MaAnna.

Tips this week include:

– multiple WordPress and plugin updates
– the Pinterest, Ads, and Mobile Webinar replay
– features you need to watch out for in the WordPress 4.2 update
– a tour of the latest WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast
– what makes for a successful membership site
– why not to let a security plugin give a false sense of protection
– tips for automating your daily business routine

Listen to the podcast.

BlogAid Happenings

Whew! All of these security and other updates had me running silly this past week and right up until today. I’ve released a couple of new videos covering them, and I’ll tell you more about those and the security patches in just a bit.

But first want to cover the other exciting news here.

Pinterest, Ads, and Mobile Webinar Replay

In case you missed the live webinar, the replay is now available, along with a timestamp and lots and lots of links of all the things we discussed.

I’m grateful so many super folks were in the audience to help bust some myths about whether you can delete an image in a post that has been pinned or not. And we heard from the creator of AdThrive too. So, very much worth watching.

You’ll find the replay and show notes at the end of the post.


What’s New in WordPress 4.2

As I mentioned, I released a couple of quick videos this past week.

See the new features in WordPress 4.2, including two that will cause you a security issue if you use them.

There’s also a super small issue with Category Widgets in Genesis themes. Thanks to +Cyndi Papia for catching that and alerting the Genesis developers. They’re working on it. So, I’m holding off updating my sites and most of my clients because most all of us use that.

I’m delighted to say that the TinyMCE Advanced text editor plugin updated immediately after I updated WordPress on my test site. That’s what I was keeping my eye on most closely with this update, so no worries there.


WordPress SEO Plugin 2.1 Video Tour

Google moved the cheese again and +Yoast was all over it. He released an update to his WordPress SEO plugin within days. It can now handle how your site name will look in the new breadcrumbs instead of URLs in mobile now.

WordPress | SEO | Genesis video library and the Webmaster Training video library have both been updated with this same video tour.

And this is why I split the tutorials on settings for this plugin into 7 videos, because I knew changes would be popping up. Just didn’t expect them so soon.

I’ll remake the two videos affected as soon as the dust settles on the changes, and then all of these security patches floating around. That should be later this week.


New Membership Site Client

Before I set up member sites for new clients, I insist we have a full consult on it first. Some folks think they have everything figured out beforehand, but the truth is, if you’re new to running a member site, it’s likely you’re leaving money on the table and doing things the hard way, which costs you money.

That’s the whole point of the consult – to help you avoid all of those pitfalls. So, the consult ends up paying for itself right away, and the site owner is well aware of that during the call. It’s not even something folks have to wait to know is true.

But the bottom line of why I offer this service is to help you make the most money possible in your member site through great product delivery and user experience, to upsells, cross promotion. And then to set things up so you can take advantage of all those things and have less admin time running the thing.

All of that translates into more money and membership site success.

If you think going the DIY route with a member site will save you money, think again. This is one thing that’s worth getting help with.

That’s all the news from around here.
Let’s jump into tips from around the ‘net.


Security Updates

There were three recent security updates to WordPress. One of them was right on top of the release of version 4.2.

I advise folks to leave auto updates turned on for these security releases. They are jumping from version 4.1.1 to 4.1.2, and then right behind it was version 4.1.3. And then yesterday, they released 4.1.4. All of those were auto updates.

But for major releases, like 4.1 to 4.2, it won’t auto update. And yesterday they released 4.2.1, which would have been an auto update.

So, you get quick security patches, but less worry about something breaking. And you can manually do the major update when you’re ready.

It’s rare that minor patches like this breaks a site, but plugin updates sometimes have bugs. Because of these frequent updates, and because of the current security climate, I’ve taken to doing full daily backups. You might want to do the same.


WordPress 4.2.1 security patch

If you’re hovering at version 4.1.3 and haven’t updated to ver 4.2, you’re okay. A security patch of 4.1.4 and then 4.2.1 are both out, so you’re covered either way.


Multiple Plugin Security Updates

In conjunction with WP security updates, actually, right before those, there were bunches of plugin security updates. And while there were a lot of popular plugins in the list this time, the vulnerability has actually been going on for months. Lots and lots of plugins have been updated for it.

A few to highlight for you are:

  • UpDraft backup plugin
  • Gravity Forms
  • All-in-One SEO Pack
  • Google Analytics by Yoast

If you want to keep up with the 100s of plugins that are getting updated all the time, mainly for this cross site scripting issue, or XSS, visit the WP Security Bloggers site. That’s my go to source for news on them.

And following are a few more you’ll want to know about.


MailChimp Subscribe Form <= 1.1 – Email Field Remote PHP Code Execution

This is not the more popular, official MailChimp plugin. But if you use it, update it.


Broken Link Checker <= 1.10.5 – CSRF/XSS

This is a really good excuse to get rid of this plugin. It’s a real resource hog. And, it gives too many false positives. +Ana Hoffman has a super duper post on way better alternatives to the Broken Link Checker plugin. I refer to this post so much in forums and such that I should just have it on speed dial. It’s that good.


P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) <= – Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

This is another resource hog plugin. If you have to use it, be careful when you run it. Do it when traffic is slow on your site. And then delete it. Don’t just deactivate it. Delete it.


WPtouch Mobile Plugin <= – Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

This is the most popular plugin for creating a mobile version of your site. But, it’s not a good way to go mobile if you care about SEO. The changelog of their latest update says they have better SEO now, but no details.

I don’t use it, neither do my clients. So I don’t know how bad for SEO it is.

Security Tips

Sucuri WordPress Website Firewall Bypass

The Sucuri security plugin just got bypassed. In other words, a white hat hacker demonstrated that he could run end around it. You can read all about in this post from WP White Security.

The bottom line is, don’t let plugins like this give you a false sense of security. There are 100s of hackers working all day, every day to find ways to run end around plugins like this. And somebody’s going to be the first one hacked.

Make sure that you have a solid backup, and more importantly, a solid restoration plan. It’s not enough that you can take a backup. You need to know how to restore it too.

Thanks so much to my favorite world-class hacker specialist, +Makis Mourelatos for finding this post.

Business Tips

Automation Is Sexy And Downright Necessary

Y’all know that I moved my entire back office over to Google Apps about this time last year. And +Dave Webster  of Webster Consulting was instrumental in making the switch. In fact, he did all of the really hard work. I was able to hook up all manner of integrations with it too, including my favorite thing, an online scheduler. It’s embedded in my site, and integrated with my Google Calendar, and with GoToMeeting.

That one integration cut my emails down by two thirds!

And, an online scheduler is just one of the tips in this fine post from +Resse Ben-Yaacov that will make your life easier and more efficient and productive too.

Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for this week’s Tips Tuesday. Thanks for subscribing on iTunes, and for giving this show a rating and review. I really appreciate it. And do drop by and say hey over on my Google+ page too. That’s where I hang out. Be sure to visit for more tips and resources and I’ll see you online.

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Tips Tuesday – Spam Bot Crawler Blocker, Chrome Ditching Java, CloudFlare Page Rules

BlogAid Tips Tuesday 0150421

Tips this week include:

– Pinterest, Ads, and Mobile Webinar
– WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast ver 2.1 video quick tour
– new CloudFlare Page Rules and Check Headers video tutorials
– the real truth about the new Google mobile algorithm
– how to easily create annotations in Google Analytics
– how to submit an XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools video tutorial
– a new spammy crawler bot blocker plugin I’m testing
– how to block Google from accessing site search results
– a list of major plugins with an XSS vulnerability
– Chrome cutting off Java support in the next release and how that will affect ads
– why a website is not enough
– an image optimization tutorial and case study

Listen to the podcast

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Tips Tuesday – CloudFlare Video, Pinterest and Ads Webinar

BlogAid Tips Tuesday 150414

Hello Happy Site Owners! Welcome to the BlogAid Tips Tuesday Podcast for April 14, 2015 and I’m your host MaAnna.

Tips this week include:

– making a spreadsheet of all your site’s pages and posts
– new video tutorial on how to install and configure CloudFlare
– a Reverse Webinar for folks who use Pinterest and run ads
– more of what’s coming in WordPress 4.2 and when
– 8 blog post SEO techniques that work
– the look at me vs. look at you approach to marketing

Listen to the podcast now.

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