Blog and Tech Tip Tuesday Feb 8

In this week’s round up of blog and tech news to make your site better, I’ve culled together some great posts of tips I’m using and I know you will find helpful too.


Google continues to stamp out fraud with folks trying to game their system to get listed on the front page of the most popular search engine on the planet. To that end, they are now slowing the Google Places verification process. Barry Schwartz reports on Search Engine Roundtable on the Limited Google Places Verifications Options for New Businesses that you’ll want to read before claiming your Place.

Google is also cracking down on shady SEO practices and comment spam. Barry also reports on Google’s Thoughts on Link Building Through Comment Spamming.

Tech Tips

If you’re like me and jumping on the video bandwagon as a marketing tool, you’ll appreciate this post from John Jantsch on Duct Tape Marketing for 5 ways to get more from online video. He talks about YouTube’s Keyword Tool, adding annotations and calls to action, as well as other places to list your video.

I really appreciated this post on Social Media Examiner by Dino Dogan on real-world expectations about SEO performance and how to optimize your blog for Google including how to recognize and stay away from the shady SEO practices mentioned previously.

Blog Tips

A little over a month ago, Brandon Connell wrote a guest post on ProBlogger about how to create link bait content. I want to specifically call your attention to the section titled Size does Matter because it deals with article and post length and why you may want to shorten some posts to attract backlinks.

Copyblogger has a nice podcast on why every smart small business is in the media business these days. You can listen online or download the podcast to your mp3 player to listen on the go.

Folks react to using Adsense like they do to olives. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Opinions are quite strong on this topic, so if you are thinking about using them on your site as a revenue source, here’s a helpful post on Daily Blog Tips about how Adsense can be the best revenue source for blogs.

Social Media Tips

I’m just now getting started with LinkedIn and have been researching tips for how best to use it. As an author, I found this tip from one of my fave folks, Dana Lynn Smith helpful on how to feature your book on your LinkedIn profile.

And, for those who prefer an infograph over dry text stats, here’s something you’ll enjoy. LinkedIn Launches Tool to Visualize Your Business Network Ben Parr has a nice post and graphics on Mashable that will tell you all about it.

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