Blog and Tech Tip Tuesday Feb 1

It’s a new month and 2011 just keeps rolling along. If this is your year to get serious about online marketing, you’ll find these tips I’ve culled from all over the web helpful.


Here’s a good example of why you shouldn’t believe everything you read. While all of us folks who report on the techie stuff connected with online marketing, we’re bound to make a mistake once in a while. Fortunately, there are no shortage of folks who will take the time to correct us, even if it’s a simple typo.

Last month there was a post on Search Engine Land titled Why FeedBurner Is Killing Your SEO Strategy. If you take that advice to heart, you may be tempted to kill your FeedBurner account. However, if you read through the comments, you’ll see that a bunch of folks pointed out a few significant inaccuracies.

The point is, be careful about following advice based on just one post, even if it’s on a trusted blog source. And, the side note is, be prepared to have more “corrective” type comments than any other kind. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Tech Tip

Still think mobile search is no big deal for small business? This post on Small Business Search Marketing may change your mind. It features the Yelp 2010 Stats in Review.

Now that you know you need to get on the mobile search bandwagon, this post on Two New Mobile SEO Tips For 2011 from Search Engine Land will help.

Blog Tip

Now that you’ve got the basics of blogging down pat, here’s a checklist from Daily Blog Tips of the 6 Blogging Mistakes You Might not have Considered. I bet you’ll find that integrating just one of them shows improved results on your stats.

Ebooks and self-publishing are finally become respectable, thanks in large part to the overwhelming sales of Amazon Kindles, and their owner’s voracious appetite for books in all genres.

You can put together an ebook more quickly and easily than you might think. And, you’ll want to read this nice post from Roger C. Parker on Published & Profitable about Self Published Books Come of Age as a Business Branding Tool.

Social Media

Is there such a thing as social media etiquette? Oh, you bet there is! And, folks who spend a lot of time on social media sites will un-follow you in a hurry if you don’t behave well.

This post from Pam Moore, the Marketing Nut, had me laughing – You Had Me at Hello but Then You Lost Your Mind.
It’s a fun post, but keep in mind that too much of it is true!

If you really want to get the hang of this social media stuff, then you’re going to have to learn the language. You’ll find Kristi Hines’ post on Twitter Lingo & Tips For New Twitter & Facebook Users very helpful. And, her site is one you’ll definitely want to follow.

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