Align RSS Feed Images Plugin

Did you know that the layout in your RSS feed may not match the formatting you have in your post? If folks subscribe to your feed via their feed reader or email, they are not likely to see the same pretty text-wrapped images that your site visitors experience. The good news is that you can easily fix this problem with the Align RSS Images plugin. Read on to see how this plugin works. 

The RSS Alignment Problem

In an earlier 2.x version of WordPress, the align attribute for images was deprecated. That is specifically what caused images to no longer align when they were parsed via the RSS feed. The only fix was to manually add styles to images via HTML. Who’s going to do that? Right, nobody.

How Images Display in the Feed

Without specific tags or styles to tell an image how to align, it will appear above the text in the feed, as shown in the example below.

The image on the right shows how it looks with no alignment tags and the image on the left is with the alignment tags provided by the plugin.

You can see how the text wraps the image in the example on the right.

About the Plugin

The Align RSS Images plugin can no longer be found in the WordPress plugins repository, so you’ll have to use the link above to get the .zip file from the developer’s site and upload it manually. (Go to your Plugins Dashboard page and you’ll find an Upload link near the top.) Be sure to keep it as a .zip file; don’t un-compress it prior to upload.

The plugin automatically adds the styles to align your images properly. While this is not 100% kosher coding, it does work. I’ve been using this plugin through every iteration of WordPress and on a bunch of different themes since 2009 and it works without a hitch.

It’s likely that the only two reasons the plugin has been removed from the repository is because it has not been updated since 2008 and so few folks know about it, so it didn’t have a lot of recent downloads. It’s works like a charm and is safe to use.

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